A High Price


“I’ll give you power,” the devil crooned, “For bartering your soul.”


This was written for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #124barter. With only 11 required words, I had to do it.

Hello, everyone – as any regulars may be able to tell, I’ve slowed down a LOT on the blog recently. I’m in the home stretch on my dissertation, though, with only about a month and some change to go! Hopefully after that I can get back on the bandwagon.

Until then, I’ve got all my book review posts planned through to the new year, and those should be reliable.

I got the picture off a royalty-free image site a couple years ago and don’t remember which one.

22 thoughts on “A High Price

  1. Jules says:

    When ever this theme comes up I always think of the song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”-
    And lost his gold fiddle!

    Good luck on your dissertation! Remember real life comes first 🙂
    Just in case your busy… I’ve added to ‘Claire’s’ series here:
    Spelling ‘Relief’
    No rush for you to read…

      • Jules says:

        Take all the time you need. We still have a ways to go to be all done – so-to-speak. But at least we were listened to and that makes a big difference.

        Bosses are a unique breed. I had too many that were complete twits. Glad I don’t have to deal with that aspect of adulthood anymore.

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