Book Review: Deep Space Accountant

I surf Amazon’s Kindle books every so often, just looking for interesting sci-fi to take advantage of.  Though I’ve found more communities of writers online and am trying to support people I see and know, sometimes there are indie books I see and just can’t ignore.

This is one of those books.

The Book

51lxmz6vanlDeep Space Accountant
Author: Mjke Wood, ACRA
Amazon Link

What the hell.  This book just looked super fun.  With its pulpy cover, crazy idea (I mean, accountants in deep space?!  Nuts!), and what seemed to be a well-edited sample, I was bound to jump for this one.

I’m hoping for something humorous, and I’m hoping for a good reason to be reading about an accountant!

Non-Spoiler Review

Deep Space Accountant has a lot of humorous elements packed into a neat little story with high stakes and larger-than-life conspiracies. Mjke Wood has done an excellent job editing the story and making sure you won’t come head to head with many typos or difficult sentences. Also, clever man, he explains the “ACRA” at the end of his name on the front cover as well as the importance of accountants for deep space travel.

My favorite part was Philpotts’s superpower – it wasn’t overpowered at all! When I read about a lot of superheroes or badass space marines, they often feel like they’ve been given abilities that make the story’s end results a foregone conclusion.  Philpotts’s powers? Just lame enough that anything could happen. That allowed Philpotts’s character and drive to shine through.

The reason this isn’t five stars is because 1) The humor and tone doesn’t stay consistent throughout – the story becomes more serious the further it goes and 2) Some pretty serious male gaze shows up in places.

4/5 Discoball Snowcones

4 Discoball Snowcones


The story was just ok.  There were several plot holes, the big one of which was the way gates opened.  It seemed, through most of the book, that you opened dimensional gates/faster than light travel and flew your ship through them, but at the end it seems you could open a gate from the exiting side.  I guess that makes sense enough, but there was literally no reason to do that due to safety and timing issues.  As well, I never quite understood why the Big Bad Evil Guy needed to use Philpotts as a scapegoat.  It seemed like his plan would have worked out better without his newest employee.

Despite these issues, it was the romping fun and worldbuilding that impressed me here.  I rather enjoyed most of the humor, and the good front end made it such that I got through the more serious back end without many issues.

Next week:

Stay tuned for next week when I read River Dixon’s short story collection, Stories In Between. He’s a fellow WordPress blogger, which is super cool!

18 thoughts on “Book Review: Deep Space Accountant

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      I actually learned about “male gaze” from an article in “Dragon” magazine a few years ago, where a woman in D&D development wrote about how 3e and 4e were egregious in how they used it. After that, I was like, “Huh, I’ve definitely done that in campaigns, and I bet I’ve made people uncomfortable.” I’ve been super conscious of it since then.

      • Chelsea Owens says:

        Oh, it’s rampant. In fact, more forward-thinking films or books still have it. Even women authors use it. -fortunately, not to the blatant degree they have. I guess that ol’ sex drive is a powerful thing.

      • H.R.R. Gorman says:

        I remember that I once had to find a manual for a centrifuge made in the 70’s. On the front of the manual was a scantily clad woman in a “sexy scientist” style outfit, laying over the top of the centrifuge. I was like, “W.T. actual F.”

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