American Chimera – 2.4

American Chimera Cover Small

The interrogator took the last bite of her granola bar and savored it before returning to the interrogation room. She turned on the light, illuminating a bloody and distraught Janie Huffman still in her chair. “Did you have time to reconsider what you’ve done?”

Janie growled.

The interrogator walked deeper into the room and leaned on the back of her chair. The single lightbulb overhead lit her face dimly. “I was just speaking with the head of science at this facility. He’s in charge of specimen 803 – the thing you call your ’daughter.”’

“Then he can go to hell.”

The interrogator leaned forward, her weight placed more heavily on the chair. “What I was trying to get across was that I know what’s going to happen to your spider. If you talk to me, I will help her.”

Janie jerked against her chains, reopening a wound and causing a few trails of blood to drip a little faster. “I’ll kill you all if you lay a single hand on her!”

“I’m not doing anything. But Mrs. Huffman, you can help. The scientists just want to know how you were able to obtain a female chimera – something they themselves can’t do. If you tell me what I need to know, I can limit any pain she may feel. They can’t help her without better information.”

“You ain’t helpin’ her either way.” Janie grimaced. “She was fine at home. Ever’thing was goin’ well till you’ns showed up.”

“They’re going to force her to reproduce if you don’t talk. There’s no extent at which they’ll stop, either. If you don’t tell me how they got a female, they’re just going to keep impregnating her over and over until they figure it out themselves.”

“Go straight to hell!”

“Fine.” The interrogator let go of the chair. “I’ve tried being nice, and I still want to help you, Mrs. Huffman, but you’re obviously being non-cooperative. I’ll bring you pictures of your ’grandkids’ when they come along – we’ve got the time, and it’s not like you’re ever going to be released from this prison.” The interrogator used her tablet to call for guards to take Janie away.

“You’ll pay for this!” Janie shouted. “If I have to wait ’til I die, I’ll see you suffer! I’ll see your entrails pulled out and boiled in hell!”

A couple guards, dressed in mechanical strength enhancers, entered the room. They marched to the chair, clutched Janie by the wrists, and unlatched her from the chair. Though Janie kicked, screamed, and bit at them, the metal officers remained unharmed beneath their protective clothing.

When Janie was finally removed, the interrogator returned to her seat. She called for a cleaning crew and the next prisoner.


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