American Chimera – 3.1

American Chimera Cover Small

“Dr. Worthington,” the interrogator read from her tablet, “I see here that you have been the Huffmans’ veterinarian for…twenty years?”

The doctor nodded. “Give or take.” She moved the thick glasses back up her wrinkled face and smoothed what remained of her gray-blue hair back. “What do you want from me? I wasn’t given any warning before your goons grabbed me from my sleep.”

The interrogator breathed easily and relaxed in her chair. “You seem an intelligent person. I’m certain you’ve expected your role as Dani Huffman’s physician would end this way.”

Dr. Worthington let out the briefest chuckle and looked down her nose at the interrogator. “I did, yes, but I had been beginning to think I’d die before you found me. Took you long enough to figure out you’d lost her.” She leaned forward weakly, elderly hands not constrained by the chains as Janie Huffman’s had been. “I’m getting old, and I don’t want to die here, kid. Now what exactly do you want from me?”

“Oh, very intelligent,” the interrogator added. “What we need from you, for now, is simple. Tell us what you did when the Huffmans first brought Dani in to your practice. What did you find? What did you prescribe?”

“I likely didn’t see anything your scientists can’t find out on their own, not on the first day alone. But I’ll play – I’ll tell you what happened.”


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