American Chimera – 3.5

American Chimera Cover Small

“So you knew, from the first day, that she was a female spider?” the interrogator asked.

Dr. Worthington sleepily answered, “Were you not certain? I mean, I knew the government could be lax, but I didn’t-”

“Just answer me yes or no.” The interrogator tapped her pen a single time on the table next to her, the loud crash moving the orchid sitting on it. “Was she female on the day she was born?”

Dr. Worthington lifted a brow. “Yes…but I don’t understand why that’s important. You should know what she is based off my story – she’s some kind of experiment, a chimera if I’m right. I would think the fact that she’s a genetic monstrosity would be more concerning to you.”

The interrogator’s eyes narrowed, pointed at the old woman. “When did you decide to believe that Dani Huffman was a genetic monstrosity?”

“You know when,” Dr. Worthingtown scowled. “June 18th, 2081. She was eight at the time, and if it weren’t for the war and the Accords, I would have just seen what Janie saw – a little girl.”

“A little girl? You saw a giant spider as a little girl?” The interrogator stood. “Either way, you failed to report what you knew to be a chimera.”

“And what would have happened to me, to her, had I done so? Dani is an intelligent girl, and she’d become a fine young woman if allowed.” Dr. Worthington shook her head. “I’ll cooperate now. There’s no reason not to, especially when I might give information that may bring her comfort. However, I am glad that I gave her a few more years of freedom. I just hope that you realize what you’ve done by capturing her and us is wrong.” She stood from her chair, wobbly as she held onto the arms. “Now…get me my walker. I’ll be needing it to get back to my cell.”

The interrogator nodded and grabbed the neoprene sleeve over the walker’s bar. “Yes. Of course.” She scooted the walker over to the elderly woman and escorted her out.


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11 thoughts on “American Chimera – 3.5

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      Thanks! I don’t remember your comments on the seroes before, but (just in case) the little girl has always been a spider. The whole story can be downloaded by clicking on the “Chapters List” link at the end of the post.

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