American Chimera – 4.2

American Chimera Cover Small

So, you gotta understand. We’d literally just gotten into high school, and we’d never seen Brad before. Our middle school was full of weirdos who pick their noses and eat boogers. Gross.

Then we graduated to high school and met all the other kids in the county. Brad’s a junior right now, but he is like a god among men, an Adonis who can shoot a basketball with the skill of a master. His eyes are just so deep, the pools of blue mesmerizing.

That alone should give you an idea of his genetic value. The teachers don’t tell you this, but I’m certain blue or green eyes gives you points on the ‘beauty’ test at the end of the year. His athletic skills are nearly olympic, and I’m sure his scores are fantastic. Maybe his academics suffer, but I’m willing to bet he and I would make a great match. I’m sure he’s a 3, and my scores will probably rank me 3 too.

Anyway, we got to high school, and volleyball is a fall sport. This absolute dreamboat was trying to workout when it was our turn to hit the weights, and Coach Jones had to shoo him off.

“But Coach,” he whined, “I need to stay in shape. Think of how much is ridin’ on this year’s season.” His strong jowls and masculine curve of his face made his request seem so reasonable. His blonde locks fell around his face with perfect rebelliousness. Oh, man, if I was a boy, I wouldn’t have gotten away with the dirty thoughts I had. Let me tell you-”


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10 thoughts on “American Chimera – 4.2

  1. Jules says:

    I’ve missed some. I remember seeing a show with a CHIMERA character. The guy took his brother’s blood in a transfusion so when he committed a crime they couldn’t trace his DNA.
    Thanks for letting me know about the super solider. I’m going to have to do some back tracking when I get a chance.
    Might have to take you up on that PDF. I copied the link. I already have a downloaded book I’m in the process of reading. 🙂

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      No problem!

      Chimeras in the science sense are organisms with foreign DNA in them. So far our real-life chimeras have been simple, and I definitely assumed greater advancement than is probably possible in my story.

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