American Chimera – 4.5

American Chimera Cover Small

“At that point, we probably started arguing ’bout what we would watch.”

The interrogator wrote something down. “You indicated that Dani was stronger than you. Was she stronger than the males at your school? What about these ‘dribbling fangs’ you talked about?”

“Oh my god, you heard nothing I said,” Stacy complained. “You are like the worst.”

“Is Dani dangerous?”

“Why do you only care about Dani?”

The interrogator put down her tablet briefly. “Ok. I understand – I wasn’t listening to your needs. Here. Let me ask you something different: how do you feel about having a best friend who’s a monster?”

Stacy languished deeper on the beige leather couch. “Ugh, fine, if you’re sooooo interested, I’ll tell you about her.”


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