American Chimera – 6.1

American Chimera Cover Small

The interrogator waited with crossed knees while Brett Huffman chugged down some Pepsi – honest to goodness Pepsi, not Coke – from the slender-necked glass bottle. She tapped her finger impatiently on her tablet.

“What you want now?” Brett asked. “I thought I tole yeh ever’thin useful last time.”

“I don’t think you understand my purpose here,” the interrogator said. “The government can’t afford for the existence of American chimeras to hit the news. My job is to figure out who is too much of a risk to release and who can be trusted and let go. You’re obviously never going to be released, Mr. Huffman, but what you say could lead to a quicker escape for a lot of people. People like Stacy Ellington. Do you understand?”

He drew a bunch of Pepsi into his mouth and swallowed it down. “Means Dani’s ne’er gonna be released neither, is she?” He chewed on some potato chips. “You can screw over my life, put me in a cell all alone. But you cain’t ’spect to destroy my daughter’s life and get away with it.”

“All you’re doing here is hurting other people. Most of your friends, family, and even some of your enemies are trapped in a cage just like yours. I’m offering you a chance, today, to help someone you probably like go free.” The interrogator’s chin lifted up primly. “Daenerys has a friend, Stacy Ellington. I find it cruel to imprison a girl with such potential, especially when she did nothing wrong. All she did, according to my other sources, was try to be nice to Daenerys when no one else would. Your statements will probably help me get her out of this facility and back home.”

“Why don’t yeh just talk with her?”

“I will, but the information I need is best gotten from the mouth of an adult. A youth’s words aren’t worth much to my superiors. With Janie Huffman refusing to talk, you’re my best source of information.” She removed her stylus from its holder. “Tell me what Stacy did on June 18th, 2081.”


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