Rebirth – #TankaTuesday #Cinquain

close up environment flora ground plant budding

From withered shoots,
New plants remember those
Which died before and and take their


This was written for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday #171, write a cinquain. Today, as we sit in hushed houses and watch our gardens grow in the back, I chose to limit my words and put everything into as small a bite as I could.

This one is dedicated to my raspberry briers which recently decided they weren’t dead.

Photo by David Alberto Carmona Coto on

28 thoughts on “Rebirth – #TankaTuesday #Cinquain

  1. crispina kemp says:

    I like the way you phrased that end note regarding your raspberry canes. It’s always a joy to see new life burgeoning when we thought it was gone. Maybe that’s why gardeners live so long? On that note, this morning I noticed a flower on my Peace Lily. Brought a smile.

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      Glad your garden’s doing well! This is my first year with these raspberry varieties specifically, so I don’t expect a crop for a couple more years. But, given the clay-like soil around here, I’m also unsure exactly how well anything plans on growing. When some leaves popped up on the canes, I was like “yay!”

      • Miriam Hurdle says:

        Our winter started late this year. The plum trees had blossoms earlier than any flowers. The only other flowers we have are covers. They attracted bees to pollinate to plus flowers before the rain. Looking forward to the plums in the summer.

  2. Colleen M. Chesebro says:

    Excellent Cinquain! So, I had the same problem with my Mesquite tree in my backyard. All the leaves fell off ,and in Arizona they don’t go bare. We just had that tree planted last summer after we moved in. Well, I’m happy to report that the tree has all new growth – kind of like your raspberries. 😀

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