American Chimera – 6.5

American Chimera Cover Small

The interrogator lifted a brow. “Did she go? Obviously she wasn’t noticed or captured.”

He scoffed and took down the last of his Pepsi. “Yeah, Dani got into the base, watched the soldiers parade back in, and came home safe and sound – and you Yanks didn’t catch ’er.”

The interrogator leaned forward. “Did Janie agree with you tearing down the flag?”

“Why don’t yeh shut up? Stop overanalyzing this crap, you colored Yank!” He huffed angrily and dropped the glass bottle to the floor beside him. “I love my daughter, and I was skeered. Judgin’ by what’s happened to me since that news column came out, I was right to be skeered. I was right to be angry! Where is Dani? What did you do to her?!”

The interrogator stood. “Dani is perfectly safe. The doctors here wouldn’t want to see her harmed even the least bit. I can-”

“If she’s here, she’s in prison. I did ever’thin’ I could to keep ’er free, Yank, even up to lettin’ her outta my control. So I know what y’er a doin’ cain’t be ’unharmed.”’

The interrogator nodded. “I understand your concern, but please be assured that our doctors are the best for her kind of chimera. She’s in good hands.” She tapped the end of her stylus on her tablet. “There was a name you mentioned that I’ve heard before, and I’m curious as to why it’s come up twice now. Reverend Hinkley – who is he? What did he do?”

At her question, Brett Huffman’s visage fell. “He was awful to my sweet daughter. He’s the one who tried to get ’er kicked offa the volleyball team, get ’er shoved outta school. Hell, I’d not be s’prised if’n he was the one what wrote that article in the Observer that got yer ’tention. If there’s anyone I’d like to strangle more than you, it’s that punk.”

The interrogator nodded. “So he’s an enemy of Dani’s?”

A pinched nose and furrowed brow gave the interrogator answer enough.

“Thank you for your time, Mr. Huffman. You’ve been very helpful.”


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