American Chimera – 10.3

American Chimera Cover Small

“The game went well, as expected, and Dani was excellent. You wouldn’t believe the amount of floor that girl can cover – unbeatable skill, her. She and Stacy would probably make a fantastic beach volleyball team. Dani’s got this incredibly wide ground coverage and low center of gravity. Forget the bump-set-spike protocol – she can do a bump-set in one fell swoop, and it’s nearly impossible to put the ball in a part of the court she can’t reach. If we could get her entered into an olympic trial setting, why-”

“Mr. Jones,” the interrogator interrupted, “You’re getting off topic. I will believe your expertise with sport, but that’s not what I’m trying to discover right now.”

He nodded repeatedly. “Ok. But trust me, she’s fantastic at volleyball. It’s a shame the olympic committee wouldn’t permit a chimera player.”


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