American Chimera – 12.3

American Chimera Cover Small

The chair filled with a holographic projection of Agent Ivanov. His false image looked up from a tablet in his hands. “This call was unexpected.”

“Agent Ivanov,” the interrogator said. “Sorry to bother you just when you’ve arrived back in Washington, but something has come up.” She cleared her throat. “I have evidence that one of the prisoners we previously released, Reverend Hinkley, has molested children. I’d like to arrest him a second time.”

Agent Ivanov’s face fell, and his eyes blinked while he pursed his lips. “Where did this come from?”

“I don’t have proof, but the volleyball coach claims photographic evidence exists.”

“But we already released him. What will the others think? They may start to believe their affidavits and the government’s word is worthless.”

“Just tell the truth. He has been arrested for being a pedophile.”

Agent Ivanov huffed and squeezed his tablet. “This isn’t going to be that easy.”

“But it’s the right thing to do.”

“I suppose.” He typed something in to his tablet screen. “There. I’ve started an investigation into the issue. I’ll let you know when he’s been taken back into custody. If you get the photographic proof, let me know. Send me all the information you have on the case in the meantime.”

The interrogator released a held breath. “Thank you, Agent Ivanov.”

Agent Ivanov nodded. “You owe me one for this. But I’m going to ask you to stop investigating these people’s personal lives on your own time. No more interrogations for the good of Dr. Dallin Smith or his research. Understood?”

She saluted. “Yes, sir. I’ll find the evidence against Reverent Hinkley, and then I will turn my full attention to the exit interviews and subsequent release of innocents.”

“You do that.” He put the tablet down. “Anything else while you have me on the line?”

“No, sir. Everything else seems to be going fine.”

“Goodbye, then.”

“Goodbye, Agent Ivanov.”


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9 thoughts on “American Chimera – 12.3

  1. Jules says:

    Finding out the truth is hard when someone tells you to stop looking.
    I’m not sure the interrogator will be able to stop – oh sure exit interviews, but curiosity doesn’t stop.
    So much wrong when too many get away with criminal acts because of loop holes.

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