American Chimera – 15.1

American Chimera Cover Small

Stacy cleaned something out from under her nails and shifted around on the long chaise lounge. “Gah, I wish you’d stop pretending like you were a shrink. Everyone knows you’re trying to get something else out of me.”

The interrogator wrote something on her tablet. “Like what?”

“Something about Dani. That’s for sure.”

“It is. Dani is, after all, exactly what I’m here to talk about.” She put the tablet down on her lap and leaned forward earnestly. “This figment was created by you for a reason. Perhaps it was due to some sort of trauma? An event that may have precipitated the need for comfort?”

Stacy rolled her eyes. “I remember playing basketball with her in kindergarten. It’s not like anything bad had happened at that point.”

“Your memory has been vastly altered. Your mind is hiding the truth, even in what you perceive as your past. I’m here to help you dig through your thoughts and find the truth.”

“So if I just tell you something bad, you’ll stop hounding me with this bullshit?”

The interrogator sighed. “Well, since I wasn’t hired to help clean up your language, yes. After I figure out the source of your false memories, we can begin the real work. We can start the healing process.” She cleared her throat. “So, is there something you want to tell me about? It could have happened recently, it could have happened a couple years ago. Middle school, maybe?”

Stacy put her cleaned finger up to her chin. “I think I know what you’re goin’ for.”


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