First Flight – #CarrotRanch

It was our land which had the wind, the sand, the beach. It was here they assembled the pieces, here they first revved the engine, here they first left land. Here mankind first leapt to the heavens during 26 seconds that shrank the earth. Only five witnesses saw the first moments of mankind’s destiny, a destiny riding upon muslin, and aluminum engine.

Arise, children of Earth! Fly upon wings of intelligence and daring, upon the backs of bloody lessons learned! From a colony lost to the sky found, the Carolina coast is there.

Oh, and Ohio can suck it.

This was written for the obvious trap of a prompt from the Carrot Ranch, first flight. I’m from North Carolina, so how could I resist? My damn license plates say “First in Flight”, and the flight was conducted here. Screw you, Dayton, it was here we flew first. Not only that, but Sherman was from Ohio. Ohio is North Carolina’s natural enemy. End of rant.

26 thoughts on “First Flight – #CarrotRanch

  1. trentpmcd says:

    Well, I am originally from Ohio, and… lol, Ohio claims the Wrights and Neil Armstrong, so flight and the Moon πŸ˜‰ OK, OK, it occurred there, and I live in New Hampshire and Massachusetts now, so I will give concede to NC the bragging rights of that flight πŸ˜‰

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      Haha, Americans are patriotic on many levels, and I must admit I’m pretty far up there on the patriotism chain (though I’m also perfectly capable of seeing through our orange overlord’s human meatsuit and into his lizard eyes).

  2. Jules says:

    You are funny! – Well the last line anyway πŸ˜‰
    I read up on the brothers for something else recently. They were an amazing pair that is for sure.

      • Jules says:

        We had/have a company here called Wilbur’s Chocolates… So Wilbur is thought of well here.
        Some names though… one wonders what were the parents thinking. Even some stage names or business names.

        Sadly enough no woman called either brother their Mr. Wright…

        I actually knew a someone with that same last name. But I guess it might have been shortened from Wheelright or Cartright… or some such…

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