American Chimera – 17.5

American Chimera Cover Small

“Wait, hold on,” the interrogator interrupted. “Does Dani come into this story?”

Brad put a finger up to his lips and thoughtfully tapped it. “Uh…Maybe?”

The interrogator shook her head and held out a hand. “Wait, wait…how many children did the state approve you for?”



“Yeah. Three.”

“Can you even count that high?”

“You shouldn’t make fun of me. My dad could hire people to make sure you’re sterilized. Retroactively, even, considering you look to be an old hag.”

The interrogator held her nose high. “Fine. You’re moneyed, and you were able to pay off an approved geneticist to get your three baby approval. I still can’t let you out of this facility until you tell me what you know about the giant spider that went to your school, then promise never to talk about her again.”

“That makes no sense, though.”

“Why not?”

He blinked back a couple tears, forcing the liquid back into the ducts. “I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to talk about me. I mean, a giant spider? Come on. No one cares about her.”

The interrogator smiled. “Then tell me about it. Tell me how much better you are than her, with direct comparisons.”

“No problem!”


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***Note: I decided to start posting on Sundays so I could finish posting this story by the end of the year.

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