American Chimera – 18.3

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“But so many legacies would die. There is no reversing what we did back in the 60’s, no going back to the world as it was before. I realized that when I die, I’ll do so with hope. Hope for the future.” She pulled up a file and circled it rather than opening to examine the video. “For the majority of people who walk the Earth today, though, that’s a dead hope. When Al died, it hit me that I am the past. The past is a fine thing to let die, because it will always be sitting there, waiting in memories and writings and pictures. Even those people and things and thoughts that are forgotten still had opportunity to exist.”

“Don’t tell me you had remorse. I won’t believe you.”

“I don’t regret what I voted, no. I still believe sterilization was necessary for the good of the human race. But you see it, don’t you? You see that it’s ok to feel pain for the future? To mourn futures you know will never happen?”

The interrogator took the tablet back from Dr. Worthington and started copying the video file. “This sounds like philosophical idiocy.”

“I told you the story of when I first met Dani. When Brett and Janie brought that girl to my office the first time, I saw what the governnent wanted me to see. I saw poor people both incapable and unworthy of procreating. But I was wrong. After Dani patted my back and tried to cheer me up on that hill, I realized that Brett and Janie had every right to claim her as a daughter. They were refusing to watch their futures die.”

“I don’t feel sorry for you.”

“You shouldn’t. I’m asking you to feel sorry for Dani. For the Huffmans. Empathize with their distress, with their decision to adopt something that was so very inhuman.”

The interrogator removed a syringe from her pocket and pressed a few buttons on the tablet. “I will do what is right.”

“Then give me the needlestick. I promise I’m better at implanting needlestick drives than you are.”

The interrogator handed over the syringe. “Fine.”

Dr. Worthington stabbed the needle into her arm and injected the drive. She winced when she pulled it back out of her arm, then handed it back to the interrogator.

As the interrogator closed the needle into a cardboard box, she asked, “So, if your husband’s death was so important to you concerning Dani’s health and safety, why did you work on her for all those years? 10? 12?”

“I didn’t need the push you need now. I fall in love with animals easily, and that’s what I saw when Dani and I first met. But you, like most people, aren’t going to give her that kind of benefit of the doubt.”

“It’s not her that’s the problem,” the interrogator said. “I spoke with her, as is obvious given that I knew you had the files I was looking for. She’s human. Intelligent. And I know, from all my interrogations, that so many people love her. It’s obvious. The problem is that her mere existence puts our nation at stake.”

Dr. Worthington’s eyes narrowed. “When you go to sleep tonight, I want you to think about what you just said. Think real hard.”

“Why?” the interrogator asked. “I’m not willing to kill everyone in America for some experiment.”

“And that’s your decision to make. But I want you to feel bad while you make it, just like I felt bad when I voted for the sterilization plan.” Dr. Worthington started scooting her walker away. “Are you coming? I’m getting tired, especially of trying to make you see the light.”

“Yes. Of course, doctor.” She put the needle, drives, and tablet into her pocket.


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2 thoughts on “American Chimera – 18.3

  1. robertawrites235681907 says:

    An interesting idea to consider, mass sterilisation. Easy to think it will work and help save humanity. We had our cat sterilised before she ever had kittens. I think it has made the poor creature a bit nutty. When the time comes each year when she would have come into season, she becomes quite frantic and unruly. I believe its because we never let her have one set of kittens.

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