American Chimera – 19.3

American Chimera Cover Small

The interrogator swallowed a lump in her throat. “That was…that was a sweet story, but about as relevant as some of the stuff Brad Roten told me.”

“I told Dani to be calm, to keep her mind soothed.” Janie’s brows folded once more. “But I swear upon all that is holy, I will cut your fucking head off if I got out of these chains! She’s my daughter! You, out of all people, orta know what that means! You orta understand what it means to have the option of children wrenched from you.”

The interrogator scoffed. “I’m not sure I catch your drift.”

“You think I deserved to be sterilized?” He breath huffed in and out angrily. “You one of those high-falutin’ coloreds think I must be absolute trash to be white and sterile? That you didn’t deserve it when they cut you open, but I did deserve it?”

The interrogator lifted her chin. She laughed nervously. “I’m a high ranking investigator in the CIA. Why would you think that I’m sterilized?”

“’Cause you’re black. Blacks ain’t good at passin’ the test.” Janie looked up at the interrogator with an innocent face.

The interrogator stood from her chair and formed fists. She pointed at Janie with an accusatory finger. “That was out of line.”

Janie’s muscles tensed back up. “I just stated facts!”

“Facts? Saying that people of color aren’t as smart? As beautiful? As athletic? Somehow phenotypically inferior?” The interrogator shoved the tablet away and folded it into her pen. “I’ve had enough of you hillbillies and your racism. I’ve been called everything from ‘colored’ to ‘negro’ and way, way worse. You and your own damn husband had a rebel flag in your front window! And you expect me to help you and your monster pet?” She put her hands over Janie’s wrists and leaned close to her face. “Not on your life, you miserable, childless waste of air.”

Janie bit at the interrogator’s face but was too slow to meet her flesh. “I used to feel sorry for you people. I mean, you’re uglier than spiders, by the rubric. And you ain’t nice atall, you evil fucking bitch! No wonder coloreds get cut up just as much as us ‘white trash’!”

“I have only done my duty!”

“Yeah, to the damn Yanks that cut out your ovaries!”

“You idiot, I passed the test!” the interrogator screamed. Her chest rose and fell in rapid succession as she waited for a rebuttal that never came. “I passed the test. You can’t tell me I didn’t deserve to pass, especially not when you failed so badly.”

Janie scowled. “Doesn’t mean you ain’t sterile. Blackies go under the knife.”

“No.” The interrogator shook her head. “No, I don’t have to deal with this…this outright racism. This hate speech.” She clapped her hands. “Guards! Guards!”

“Go rot in hell, you childless, sterilized negro! You goddamn Yank!”

“If you expected Hinkley to be arrested, you can consider your testimony proof of his innocence. You blew it, Janie Huffman. You should have just remained a useless pothead – you would have at least been successful at that! The tests proved you weren’t fit to be a mother!”

As the guards stormed in and roughly accosted Janie from her chair, the interrogator left the room. Janie’s screams and flailing couldn’t stop her.


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