American Chimera – 24.1

American Chimera Cover Small

Dallin waved to the interrogator. “Oh, what a pleasant surprise!” He smiled, lifted a finger, and reached below his desk. “I saved you a few bananas. I remembered how much you liked it last time, and I just couldn’t deprive you of it once I picked a few bunches.”

The interrogator reached over the desk and took one. She held it before her, and her lip trembled.

“Oh, come now. It’s not that precious.”

She took hold of the stem and peeled the fruit. “It is,” she said. “Your tree is one of a kind. None like it will ever exist again. It needs to be protected, tended, and loved.”

“Many one-of-a-kind species are gone, though. Seeing the very end of the banana won’t be such a travesty, not when there’s been so many other problems.” He pulled out a tin wrapped in waxed canvas. “Mara also made some banana bread. I wanted you to try some before you went back to D.C.”

The interrogator nodded. “Thank you, Dallin.”

“Oh, not a problem. Not a problem at all. I’m glad I can share this bounty.” He looked to either side, put a hand up to his mouth, and whispered, “There’s some cinammon in that. We only get cinnamon every few years, but Mara’s kept the last harvest in the freezer. She ground some up for this batch of banana bread – extra special.” He leaned back. “I don’t always give cinammon out, you know.”

“You don’t?”

“No. Last time I gave it to someone who didn’t work here, it was a disaster.”

“Why don’t you tell me about it?” the interrogator cooed. She ate some of the banana Dallin had given her.

A smile from the old scientist showed the desire he had to talk. “Ok,” Dallin caved, “But I’d rather you not go spreading this around everywhere. We don’t have the supply needed to help the world.”


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