American Chimera – 25.3

American Chimera Cover Small

The interrogator held herself straight and stable, then turned the knob. She exited the B6 floor into the stairwell.

A guard, snacking on an oatmeal and yeast snack cake, looked up from her meal. Her dark face, similar in tone to that of the interrogator’s, smiled. “You back early.” She pulled the wrapper up and around the snack, then placed it in a pocket.

The interrogator shook her head. “Tyvek suit had a hole in it. Only other one they had in operation was needed for veterinary work, so they told me to try again later.”

The guard removed a computer from her bag. “You ready to sign out?” She smiled at the interrogator.

“Yeah, just let me find my card…here we are-”

The interrogator withdrew the gun from her jacket and pistol whipped the guard in the face. She pushed down on the guard’s helmet and kicked out her legs, dropping her to the floor.

The second guard went for his gun. “What the fuck-”

The interrogator pointed her pistol at the second guard. “Touch your comm and you die.” She kicked the guard on the ground and stood on her neck. “I’ll kill her for good measure, too.”

The guard shook his head and lifted his hands. “What’s going on here?”

“On the ground. Nice and easy.”

He nodded. “The computer’s going to see this, you know.”

“The computer’s betrayal is within the parameters of my plan.” She took out one of the ketamine syringes and stuck it in the female guard’s neck. She depressed the syringe halfway, then pulled the needle back out. She removed the gun from the female guard’s holster, all the time keeping her aim trained on the male guard.

Once the female guard started mumbling about how good life felt, the interrogator walked over to the male guard. She pointed the gun down at the man. “Sadly, I have far more bullets than I have drugs right now.”

“But you – you used one on her!”

She pulled the trigger. The bullet pierced the man’s head, and blood spewed out onto the floor next to the brains and other flesh. “Dani!” she shouted. “Dani, come on!”

The door opened, and the interrogator launched to the stairs. She didn’t look back, didn’t look at the frightening chimera.

“My God!” Dani shouted. “You killed him! Did you mean to kill him?”

“At the top of the landing there will be a door. I’ll use my badge to get us in to B5, then shoot the two guards waiting just inside. Then I’ll head to the break room where the guards wait. If I get there before the alarm sounds, I might be able to close them off from their guns.”

“I don’t want anyone else to die! Oh my God, Gramma said this would happen – I don’t want to kill anyone! I’m not a weapon!”

“That’s why I’m doing this for you. Wait just inside the door at B5. When the alarm sounds, I’ll finish off the guards one way or another. I have five doses left, which means I’ll have to use seven more bullets on this level.”

“Don’t kill people! Please, not in my name!”

The interrogator grumbled. “Fine. I won’t kill anyone.” She put away the gun and took out two syringes, one in each hand. She uncapped the one that hadn’t been used. “But I’m depending on you now. Wait here – I’ll motion for you to follow through the window.” She thrust her thigh up so her pocket touched the pad that read her key card, and the door unlocked.


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