American Chimera – 25.4

American Chimera Cover Small

The interrogator entered level B5. Two guards stood at the entry to a long hallway. They looked up at the unexpected entry.

One, a man in his late twenties, raised a brow. “Can I help you?”

The interrogator marched up to him, stabbed him in the neck with the half-empty syringe, and plunged the top down and let go of the syringe.

The second guard pulled his gun. “Drop it!” he shouted. “Drop it!”

She held up her hands and took a step closer. “I have two guns in my belt. Here, take them.” She took another step.

“Stay back – I’m warning you-”

“It’s going to be ok. Just take the guns from my belt.”

After another step without altercation, the interrogator grabbed the end of his rifle-grip gun and shoved it past her. The man was too late to pull the trigger as the interrogator shoved the syringe into the man’s neck and pushed. Something slightly more than half the contents entered his neck.

She reached down to his pockets and grabbed his key card. She touched it to the keypad and unlocked the door to the males’ cages. “Dani!” she shouted. “Dani, get in here.”

The spider cracked the door to B5 open.

The interrogator closed her eyes and supported herself by leaning against a wall. “Behind me is the door to the males’ cages. I need you to go in, open the door to as many cages as you can, and incite the males to attack everything except you. Understood?”

She shook her head. “That’s terrible-”

“They’re animals. When the alarm starts in a few seconds, your mother will attempt to escape and find the getaway vehicle. We need the guards to respond to a crisis – any crisis – other than your escape. Can you do this?”

The spider whimpered. “Yes.”

“Good. I’m going to hold off the guards from the break room. If they kill me, just get upstairs as fast as you can. Find your mother and drive west to Reno. Understood?”


“Then go. Release at least twenty males, then meet me in the break room.”

Dani took the door from the interrogator and entered the veterinary area.


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