American Chimera – 28.1

American Chimera Cover Small

Rebecca Crowe, her legs crossed, held a pad of paper on her lap. Dani and Janie sat next to each other on her interview couch, stage lights bright on their faces.

The newswoman, prim despite the strange company, looked at the camera and read her lines from the teleprompter. “Hello, and welcome to a very important BBC News Special Report. Tonight you will see an interview with who – or what – may be the most important person of our era. Though no gore, cursing, or sexual content is included in this broadcast, what you’re about to see will shock you.”

She turned her head to another camera, one that captured her and the couch with the guests. “I’d like you to meet Daenerys Charlotte Huffman, who goes by Dani, and her adoptive mother, Janie Elisabeth Huffman. Dani, could you tell the viewers at home why you’re on the show?”

Dani’s legs crumpled inward, and her claws pawed at the place on her shirt next to the lapel microphone. “I – I’m a spider girl.” She closed her eyes, glittery eyeshadow sparkling in the stage lights, then said, “A chimera.”

Crowe, without missing a beat, asked, “A chimera, like the ape men created by Fiendish Dr. Kim of North Korea?”

“Oh, I hope not,” Dani replied. “I’m not like them. You see, I can think and talk, and I have lots of friends who love me. The ape men couldn’t do that.”

“I see. Janie – you’re the adoptive mother of Dani. You’ve told me you named her, kept her, raised her. How did you, a sterilized woman from humble beginnings, gain the trust of the American government? How did you get the honor of watching this magnificent creature grow up?”

Janie bit her lip and shot a glance at the interrogator. “You know, this sounds jus’ like what them MP’s and crazy folks were askin’ me back in jail-”

“This isn’t jail,” Rebecca interrupted. She flicked a finger, sending a crew member into motion. “This has nothing to do with the American government, in fact. You can leave out any details you want, sweetie.”

Janie heaved a sigh, looked to Rebecca. “Alright. But I don’t want her,” she pointed at the interrogator, “Gettin’ a copy of this.”


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