American Chimera – 28.3

American Chimera Cover Small

“And that’s where she came from,” Janie said. “Gov’ment made her. I found her in the holler back in ’72, then took ’er home. She’ll turn 17 soon, and she’s still my baby.”

“Mom, that’s so embarrassing-”

“Well, it’s true, sweetie.”

Crowe smiled. “That’s a…a very interesting story, Mrs. Huffman. How did you keep from getting caught with a chimera for 17 years, especially after the war?”

“Easy,” Dani answered. “I just worked hard to make a lot of friends. Like Stacy, or Dr. Worthington, or my teachers. If you make friends with someone, they’re a lot less likely to turn you in to the goverment or get you killed.”

“I’ve noticed you’re very friendly! Do you have any ideas, Dani, why the government made you that way?”

The spider’s head shook, her eyes blinked simultaneously. “No, not really.”

“Why did the government make you, Dani? The Americans are powerful. Why did they need to make a chimera? Why didn’t they hide or destroy you when they signed the accords?”

Dani wrung he front claws. “Well… I cain’t tell you for certain, but I can say what I learned when they first caught me… ”


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