Reading List – July 2021

It’s the summer indie book month, and boy do we have some hot reads this July! You’ll want to stick around for these.

1NG4 – Berthold Gambrel

I recently met Berthold Gambrel through his website, and I then also followed his twitter. Peter Martenuac (of His Name Was Zach fame) retweeted that 1NG4 was on a free weekend, so I had to check it out!

Not only that, this is a pretty short book. That’s why, on THIS WEDNESDAY, I’m going to be posting one more review than usual on my blog!

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Liars and Thieves – Diane Wallace Peach

I have reviewed three D. Wallace Peach books in the past (See reviews for The Melding of Aeris, Soul Swallowers, and Legacy of Souls). Peach is a reliably good author, and I’m excited to see what this new series entails. One of Peach’s sneak previews that she posted on her blog indicated that at least one of the main characters was going to be a goblin, and any sort of non-human character excites me. I don’t believe I’ve read anything published with a goblin main character, so it’s time to see how Peach pulls that off!

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His Name Was Zach – Peter Martuneac

Last year, Peter Martuneac submitted his book Her Name Was Abby through my review request form. Though it was the second book in the series (Zach, here, was the first), I was blown away. I assume Martuneac experienced some artist growth between the two books, but I was very into Abby and looked forward to reading this installation. The third book is out, too, so I have to catch up!

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We All Die In the End – Elizabeth Merry

Elizabeth Merry and I follow each others’ blogs, and I know she’s got great style. Her characters are vivid, and her prose beautiful. This collection of shorts (“scenes”) look to be connected by setting, and I think the book as a whole may benefit from this connection. Definitely looking forward to what each tale may hold for me.

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More Reviews

Do you have a suggestion? Comments? I’m currently filled up for my review slots on the blog this year, but you can always submit a request for potential reviews on Goodreads and Amazon!

See my old reviews here

17 thoughts on “Reading List – July 2021

  1. Berthold Gambrel says:

    Thank you again for reviewing 1NG4! 🙂

    I’ve also read “His Name Was Zach” and “Liars and Thieves”. I enjoyed both, which is saying something given that neither the Zombie nor Fantasy genres typically appeal to me.

    • Peter Martuneac says:

      Oddly enough I feel like my His Name Was Zach books have ended up appealing more to folks who aren’t typical fans of zombie fiction 😅Zombie fans tended to complain that there weren’t enough zombies, or it was the wrong kind of zombie.

      • H.R.R. Gorman says:

        As a zombie fan, wtf are your zombit people on?

        Something I am looking for in “zombie” fiction (and maybe I should write it?) is more liches. Undead magicians are great.

      • Peter Martuneac says:

        That sounds more like a zombie/fantasy genre crossover haha. That’s the great thing about writing, you can just say “I should write something like that” 😅

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      Everyone on the list this month is a fantastic writer. Makes it so much better to read when you have a pretty good idea of the quality you’re looking forward to.

  2. D. Wallace Peach says:

    So happy to see your reading list for July, HRR. I wasn’t expecting to see Liars and Thieves on the shelf, so thanks for the great surprise. I hope you enjoy the lead goblin. 🙂 And a fun reading list. I’ve read Merry’s short stories – they’re fabulous. And I look forward to your recommendations on the others. Happy Reading. 🙂

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      Hi Robbie! Yeah, I’ve not been as hardcore bloggy as of late. I’m “finding myself”, so to say. Things are going well, but I’m still probably only halfway back into the swing of things. Hoping to be doing more again soon!

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      If you want to cheat, all my indie reviews are put on Goodreads or Amazon as soon as I read them. I often delay my Goodreads posts for “traditional” or classic books, but for indies I think time’s more important.

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