Reading List – December 2021

This year, many of you noticed something: I read a lot of crap. Just absolute, stinky trash books that I hated. This ranged from the Earthsea series to the Ninefox Gambit series to a few other books scattered here and there, but it also meant I spent a lot of time not reading anything good.

That changes today, my friends.

Isaac Asimov is one of my favorite authors, and it’s been a right long while since I last read his Foundation trilogy. I didn’t read the expanded series with his 1980’s self-fan-fiction writings, but now I think I’m up for it. I have, on this blog, reviewed several of the Robot stories (I, Robot, The Caves of Steel, The Robots of Dawn), as well, so I know I like his style.

So here we are, last month of the year and our last hope!

Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series

I read the original trilogy (Foundation, Foundation and Empire, and Second Foundation) as an undergraduate. The main thing I know won’t translate well to 2021 time is the smoking, so I assume other parts won’t age well, either!

Also, I’m only presenting three of these books – the rest will only be available on my Goodreads page.

See my old reviews here

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