I recently posted that I am going to put American Chimera on Kindle rather than as a free book on my blog. Sadly, the day has arrived, and the posts and pages I created for the original book are being taken down (possibly as you read this, possibly just beforehand).

Never fear, though! The book is not gone forever, and it will still be available in a free e-book format. I received my proof copy of the print book in the mail last week, and I think I’ll be ready to publish by June 18th. The cover looked pretty good, and all I’ve been doing so far is reading to make sure all the kerning, spelling, and content is right.

(You wouldn’t believe how often you get a quote mark turned the wrong way! If you’re making a print book for Amazon, definitely get your proof copy and check for things like inverted quotation marks.)

I used to think all those people who got excited by the proof copy of their book were a bunch of nerds, but now that I actually have one of those copies in my hands, I understand how awesome it is. The “I made this” feeling is real. If you’re thinking about whether or not to try publishing (or self publishing), just know that everything they’re telling you is right. Holding that thing in your hands feels really successful.

The e-book and print options for American Chimera will be released this month, hopefully on June 18th! If I need to delay the date, I will let you know.

13 thoughts on “Shutting Down AMERICAN CHIMERA

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      It will be soon!

      After this experience, I have no clue how people could possibly publish without printing a proof first. There’s just a few places where you can see it doesn’t look quite right, like with the weird quote marks.

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      Thanks! I just realized I can’t get the ebook free except on certain periods every 90 days… so if you’re interested, I can ping you when it goes on sale, or I can send a pdf. I’d hoped for free, since it had already been on the blog free.

      And the cover is 100% my pride and joy. Not sure I will ever be able to make something that good ever again.

  1. Audrey Driscoll says:

    Creating a print version of one’s book is an achievement beyond writing it and publishing the text as an ebook. And those flipping quote marks are why I reverted to “dumb” quotes rather than those pesky “smart” ones in my last 3 books. Some say they don’t look “professional,” but I think a even single reversed quote attracts the wrong sort of attention, whereas nobody notices the unenhanced ones.

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      You’re absolutely right about attracting the wrong sort of attention! It’s amazing how a mistake can put people off so much that the good parts of a book can be missed.

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