American Chimera

It’s 2087, and all’s well.

At least, that’s what everyone thought until Dani Huffman showed up.

Now the American government’s got to scramble to hide the Chimera they let escape. An interrogator, a scientist, and a small team of soldiers work to find out just how many people know of the monster’s existence.


American Chimera was originally posted serially on my blog here in 2020 – but on 18Jun2022, I will be pushing the publish button to get that book out to the world! It will be available through Amazon on both Kindle and in paperback.

Right now, unfortunately, it’s unavailable. You’ll have to wait for the Amazon premier to get it again. Amazon doesn’t like competing with things, even free things, so I’m trying to move the entirety of the material to that format. The goal of putting the book on Amazon wasn’t to make money, but to increase the books’ accessibility.

Delve into a Southern Gothic Sci-Fi adventure with American Chimera. Rife with multiple social issues from racism and income inequality to climate change and eugenics, this book melds a dark humor with a unique format to create a story unlike any you’ve read before.

How to Purchase/Acquire

Purchase!? Why in the nine hells would I make you do that?

No, the ebook is going to be free on Amazon, and the print copy will be printing-plus-Bezos costs. I will post links here once it goes live, hopefully on 18Jun2022.