Thanksgiving – #Senryu #TankaTuesday #Sorrynotsorry

group of people making toast

Rush food to table;
Enjoy the feast ’til last bite
But hate the banter.


This was written for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday #155, hurry and end (synonyms in bold). There was an alternative option to write about what Thanksgiving means to me so, since I am hopelessly allergic to interactions with a certain in-law, I wrote a wicked little senryu.

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Sweet sugar of lead
Stain my face alabaster
Strike fear in their hearts


This was written for the Ronovan Writes #254 challenge: heart and sweet (bolded).  The other inspiration for this was Elizabeth I, famous for being respected abroad during her relatively peaceful reign.

Also inspirational is one of my (weirdly?) favorite YouTube channels – English Heritage.  They put out a video of Elizabeth I’s makeup that, for some reason, I watched.  HER MAKEUP WAS MADE OF LEAD WTF.  And so, with lead sugar being a thing, I wrote this haiku.

Walkies – #Senryu


Dogs frolic on hikes.
Humans withstand the pastime.
At least floors stay clean.


This was written for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday #129, Hobby and Play.  Synonyms are in bold.  

Since it was puppy day recently, I chose to write about my dog Hector.  He’s very bad on his walks because he has a complex where he believes he must be the alpha of all dogs, including those that bark from inside houses or can be seen from 1/4 mile away.  We’ve hired trainers to help us, but he’s a little rascal taking his sweet time getting better!  

Secrets – #Senryu

heart shaped red neon signage

My heart beats so fast
What ignites this keen craving?
Your hidden secrets?

Let me uncover
The essence of your power
And relish in it.

By gaining your trust,
I become vulnerable,
Naked, and open.

My heart beats so fast.
What ignites this keen craving?
My spilled secrets?


I wrote this scandalous thing for the Valentine’s-Day ready Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday #123. The synonym words are in bold.  This is four senryu, and I’m not sure the repetition at the end is really allowed, but I thought it gave exactly the feeling I wanted it to. 

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A Type of Artist (Senryu)

pen writing gold ink

the artist paints a

happy final dot ending

the new tragic tale


Recently, someone mentioned to me the idea of a writer as an artist – I don’t remember where, or even if it was online or in real life.  Colleen Cheseboro chose ‘sad’ and ‘write’ for her synonyms only Tanka Tuesday this week, and I decided to take a very wide idea of what a synonym could be in this senryu.  I also wanted a feel more upbeat than what will inevitably trend on a week with ‘sad’ as one of the prompt words.