I’ve written plenty of wild tales for you to choose from.  Here are two of my novella-length works, and below you can find a link to my massive list of short stories and flash fiction.

The Evolution of the Predator

The Evolution of the Predator (2014, Complete)

Antoinette crash lands on the planet Osmina, home to a xenophobic species still in an early, tribal phase of development. In order to uphold Earth’s directive to remain as uninvolved as possible with alien life, she tries to remain hidden and survive for the two years before a rescue party will arrive. A curious elder cast out of its nomadic tribe throws a wrench in her plans and efforts, pitting Antoinette’s conscience against her duty.

If I Only Had No Heart (2016, Complete)

Spirit, android acolyte of the machine goddess, performs her duties well and still yet absorbs much torment from her superiors. Thought to be a viral creation, the android is banned from speaking with the goddess until, one day, her friend Klavdiya hands her a prayer card. Spirit hopes that the prayer card will bring her peace, but the goddess has other ideas…

Short Stories

Eilidh and the Dragon - Blog ReadyI’ve written a whole bunch of short stories, ranging from the wild and crazy to the subdued and calm.  If you’d like to look at some of my recent posts, click the category label above.


analysis blackboard board bubbleI’ve only recently accumulated enough poetry to warrant having an entire category for it.  I’m learning as fast as I can about how to read and enjoy poetry, and I hope you can garner some feelings, information, and fun from these works.



Flash Fiction

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These super-short stories are often responses to writing prompts.  Look for a quick nip of storytime from one of these amazing shorts.