American Chimera

That right there is a Southern gothic, science fiction, horror comedy novel. I’m currently working on converting it to a Kindle book, so sometime this year I’ll probably remove it from the website. I’m not doing this for money – I’m doing it so people will have an accessible version they can change font size on. I’m pretty sure it will be free or as close to it as Amazon will let me.

Short Stories

Eilidh and the Dragon - Blog Ready

I’ve written a whole bunch of short stories, ranging from the wild and crazy to the subdued and calm.  If you’d like to look at some of my recent posts, click the category label above.


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I’ve only recently accumulated enough poetry to warrant having an entire category for it.  I’m learning as fast as I can about how to read and enjoy poetry, and I hope you can garner some feelings, information, and fun from these works.

Flash Fiction

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These super-short stories are often responses to writing prompts.  Look for a quick nip of storytime from one of these amazing shorts.