Short Stories

This page is getting so full that I’m looking to revamp it soon.  Enjoy it as-is while you can!

Story Title



Afterbirth A clone is born. Science Fiction, Flash Fiction
A Proper Puff Puff pastry and delicate situations with in-laws feature in this flash fiction. Memoir Sort-of-True Fiction
Banana Pudding When my mom questions the revered Mama Grace’s honor and accidentally starts a banana pudding contest, who will come out on top? Memoir True Story, Touch of Southern Gothic
Banker This new painter will show Banksy who’s boss! Literary
Bomb Shelter A man and his dog live in a bomb shelter through the apocalypse. Science Fiction, Flash Fiction
Boten Ingrid A man buys a sex robot from a Swedish unbuilt furniture store. Science Fiction
Brown Mountain Stewart was sent to investigate the Brown Mountain lights – was his report just fake news? Fantasy, Southern Gothic, Flash Fiction
Caching In Squirrels have rough winters, and the squirrel in this story is no exception. The squirrel’s survival is all that matters! Fantasy, Flash Fiction
Constance’s Dark Path Constance meets a ghost along a pathway while she walks. Fantasy, Flash Fiction
Corncobs and Mullberries A tale about the grounding of a ship to create an artificial harbor in WWII. Historical, Flash Fiction
Country of Cranes Japanese Red-capped cranes are said to be creatures that live 1,000 years and give good tidings and reward to those who sacrifice. In this story, Mr. Suzuki’s caretaker learns first-hand about the beauty of the crane. Fantasy, Flash Fiction
Drown the Sins Away A flash fiction fantasy about a demon during a baptism. Southern Gothic, Fantasy
Designing Assassins Genomes contain our strengths, but also our uniqueness – a trait that could also be our downfall. Cal and Herb navigate a world in which molecular assassins target and kill people with specific genome sequences. A mere pinprick or loose hair can mean a genome, and thus a life, put on the market. Science Fiction
Deus Volt A six-part science fiction Christmas tale. Some monks, priests, and nuns bring Christianity to planet Venerex, but the natives aren’t so happy with that decision. Can they stop the human god from coming to their planet? Science Fiction, Religious, Multi-Part
Drown the Sins Away A demon’s husk goes down to the river to get baptized. Southern Gothic, Horror
Europa Settlers on the moon Europa paddle across its liquid surface. Science Fiction, Flash Fiction
Extermi-nators Sherill is a new employee for Earl’s Excellent Extermination. When her first day on the job doesn’t go as expected, Sherill finds out how far she’ll go to keep her job – and satisfy her curiosity. Southern Gothic
Electric Nightmares If robots dream of electric sheep, what happens during a nightmare? Science Fiction, Flash Fiction
Fever Night Financial A man tries to buy a dame a drink in a discotheque. Historical Fiction, Flash Fiction
Finding the Secret Quick flash fiction based on the myth of Pandora’s box. Fantasy, Flash Fiction
Food Should be Silent Two people sit back and eat a steak – but one is worried. The food had spoken before it died. Science Fiction, Flash Fiction
Future Goggles A traveling salesman peddles time on his new ride: see the future through some goggles. A man without much money to his name wants to see the sparkling vision, and he notices an unexpected side effect of the event… Science Fiction, Steampunk
Glisten A man takes his ‘daughter’ to kindergarten graduation. Science Fiction, Flash Fiction
Gravy Witch A witch uses her powers to suck souls from the bodies of her victims for good… we think. Fantasy, Flash Fiction
Godkiller In A Bag A man has an item that can kill a god in his backpack, but the deity keeps its eye on him at all times. What can he possibly do to free himself, and perhaps the world, from an evil god’s grasp? Told in 3 parts. Fantasy
Headliners Tiny ‘story’ about my aunt’s haircutting place. Memoir, Micro Fiction
History’s Full Circle Based off the historical tale of Fanny Hooe. This retelling imagines Fanny as an interpreter of the future. Fantasy, Touch of Southern Gothic, Flash Fiction
Inhabi-tation Machine Jarusc time travels by inhabiting the bodies of people in the past. When the horrors of times gone by make it hard to withstand, can Jarusc finish the mission to find the alien artifact? Told in 3 parts. Science Fiction
Knock at the Gate A medieval serf seeks refuge in the city, but the guard won’t let him in! Historical Fiction, Flash Fiction
Level Up A man climbs up from the seventh level of hell to the second. Fantasy, Horror, Flash Fiction
Luck of the Draw Haanfulk, a captain of a starship, laments the day that aliens ever discovered their pieces of luck. Ever since then, daring, intelligence, and even effort have meant nothing. Now, Haanfulk seeks to prove everyone wrong, no matter the risk. Science Fiction
Max’s Pal Max smells a mate – but since he’s been neutered, it’s up to his doggy friend, Pal, to get the job done. Fantasy
Mightier than the Sword Medieval tale about a common thief stealing money from a rich noble. What can save the innocent man!? Fantasy, Flash Fiction
Muse Mother Is your mom a time traveler, or just an art historian? Fantasy, Flash Fiction
New Switchblade, New Outlook Part of my Man in Wolf’s Clothing world, this depicts violence against vampires in an alternate universe. Fantasy, Flash Fiction
Of Omens and Outgassing There’s a large comet turned asteroid hurtling toward earth. Science Fiction, Flash Fiction
On Greed Alone A dragon protects its horde from all sorts of invaders, guarding each coin with selfish desire. A single request from an unexpected place causes the dragon to think uncharacteristically in this flash-fiction. Fantasy, Flash Fiction
Papa’s Bar Flash fiction about growing up with a bar-owning dad. Flash Fiction
Path of Seasons A flash about the shortness and effectiveness of a single life. Flash Fiction
Recycling Babies This story talks about how new androids are made – and how the old ones meet their maker… Science Fiction, Flash Fiction
Reflection A young girl talks with her reflection in an old cabin window. Southern Gothic, Horror, Flash Fiction
Regrowth of the Woods A true story about growing up in the mountains in a logging family. Southern Gothic, Memoir True Story, Flash Fiction
Remember Lot’s Wife Lot’s wife is long dead, but her memory lingers whenever we look back upon what once was. Literary Fiction
Return of the Iron Lung Aven’s parents do what they think is best to save their son who is stricken with a horror of the recent past. But is the cure worse than the disease itself? Science Fiction, Horror
Robot Divorce Court Lawyers challenge the concept of robot-human marriage in court. Will Mrs. Wilson, a robot wife, have her rights upheld or infringed? Science Fiction
Run From Your Fears A deer finds a corpse and tries to escape from the creature that killed it.
A twist ending awaits at the end of this flash fiction.
Fantasy, Flash Fiction
Sample Collection An astronaut is on EVA to determine what is heating the hull. Can Lieutenant Kilkelly find the cause in time? Science Fiction, Flash Fiction
Shave and a Haircut – Two Bytes A silent and mysterious customer shows up at a barber shop. The alluring figure leads the barber to a dungeon filled with dark secrets. Science Fiction, Horror
Skeet Skeet The Thanksgiving skeet shoot happens every year, but it’s not fun for everyone. Flash Fiction, Memoir
Stagnation A tribute to the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day and the end of WWI, this story looks at the foul craters and horror of the trenches. Historical Fiction, Flash Fiction
Smart Home A smart home really likes its owner – but does it like her boyfriend? Science Fiction, Flash Fiction
Stealing Bicycles True story about when I was an undergrad threatening to steal my TA’s bicycle. Flash Fiction, Memoir True Story
Take a Deep Breath In a future where methanogenic organisms have evolved to become intelligent, a young creature named Tikpab leaves on a spirit quest. Science Fiction
Tears in the Wadi A Nabatean trader awakens after his string of camels has been stolen. What can he do now that he’s been left to die in the Arabian desert? Historical Fiction, Fantasy
Tenderloin A real witch goes to a Harry Potter convention with wicked intentions and a satchel full of barbecue rubs. Fantasy, Flash Fiction
That’s What Mermaids are Made Of A young man sees a mermaid off the side of his fishing trip. Fantasy, Horror
The Alleyway Pow! Wham! Holy criminality, how is our hero going to save the world this time? Fantasy, Flash Fiction
The Beggar’s Coins A mouse comes upon a beggar in the streets and tries to do the right thing.
The beggar, however, has amazing tricks up his sleeve.
Fantasy, Flash Fiction
The Boy Who Cried Wolf It’s the story you knew about – or is it? Fantasy, Flash Fiction
The Chivaree A man takes his honeymoon near his wife’s hometown and, when he doesn’t listen to her, finds out the hard way about the mountain custom of chivarees. Southern Gothic, Horror
The Confederate Ghost Cal Johnson is dying at a cross burning. What is his fate, and what was the value of his life? Southern Gothic, Horror
The Crate A dog finds itself in a burning building. Southern Gothic, Horror
The Devil’s Phone Number A man gets a mysterious phone call that seems to hint at a way to fortune. But are the whispers legitimate? Who is the devil on the other end? Told over 3 posts. Fantasy, Horror
The Dragon Egg Everyone wants a pet dragon – including Jenny and Steve, a well intentioned couple who run into an egg of their own. The only problem is that Steve and Jenny, poor Southerners, might not be the best candidates to hatch it. Southern Gothic, Science Fiction
The Embalmists Hiram tells his fellow Confederate soldiers a story about going behind the lines. But the Yanks have a weapon unlike anything these good old boys have ever seen… Southern Gothic, Science Fiction, Horror
The Funeral Ribbon Quilt The southern tradition of the funeral ribbon quilt takes on a morbid, ghostly task… Southern Gothic
The Gluzzlebups’ Parade of Nations A parade of Earth’s nations is sponsored by a group of aliens called the Gluzzlebups. Science Fiction, Flash Fiction
The Guide A man purchases some gas at a backwoods station. He picks up a strange passenger and listens to her requests – despite warnings otherwise. Southern Gothic, Horror
The Last and Most Special Snowflake Two people consider what to do with the world’s last snow. Flash Fiction, Science Fiction
The Long Drive Home A mom and her son have a rough drive home. Flash Fiction, Memoir
The Most Important Sign that Goldfish Revolution is COMING Goldfish have a much longer memory than we give them credit for, and they ain’t happy… beware! Fantasy, Flash Fiction
The Old Ones A warning tale of the rise of Cthulhu and other ancient monsters. Horror, Flash Fiction, Lovecraft
The Preacher’s Wife Preacher Jackson’s wife is dying, and she has a final request: don’t leave her. Southern Gothic
The Steppe Resistance A historical fiction tribute to the Steppe peoples and their advancements with horseback riding. Historical Fiction
The Time Traveler’s Husband It’s the mid 1890’s, and some Englishmen are about to test out the first time machine. Or did someone else try it first? Science Fiction, Steampunk
The Ultimate Gate One day, the robots became sentient and joined against the humans. This is what happened when they succeeded. Science Fiction
The Wake Little Billy attends his Aunt Margaret’s wake. But what will he see there? Southern Gothic
The Zookeepers A couple aliens, Earth’s zookeepers, look at their planetary charge from afar. We’ve screwed the planet up, though, and made their jobs way more difficult… Science Fiction, Flash Fiction
Top O’ The Mornin A young soldier awakens on the shores of Gallipoli. Fantasy, Horror
To Stop and Smell the Flowers Flash fiction tale about a mouse on his way home. Fantasy, Flash Fiction
True Love Cora Kingston deals with the death of a man she loved – but with a twist. Historical, Flash Fiction
Useless Foundations What we stand upon today might be worthless in the post apocalyptic waste! Science Fiction, Flash Fiction
Values A western outlaw robs a stage coach. Flash Fiction
Waiting for Company A young man from Florida wakes to find that his car is stuck in a ditch. When forced to get help from the locals, he finds out the cost of speaking ill of those willing to help him. Southern Gothic, Horror
When to Cry Over Spilt Milk Some identity thieves come up with an innovative way to steal money – but the victim has tricks up their own sleeve! Flash Fiction, Science Fiction
Witch Stitches Lich A witch goes through threads as she sews her latest undead creation. Fantasy, Flash Fiction
Worth the Wait A snail and a grasshopper vie for the same treat – who will get to taste it first in this animal fable? Fantasy, Flash Fiction

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