The Forbidden Fruit

Note: This is for the A Mused Poetry Contest, so don’t read it, Chel.

At night you’ll see me gently creeping
With mom and dad hard a sleeping
In through laundry room door.
I open the bag of forbidden snacks –
Attractive gummies, laundry packs.

Then you’ll hear my lips a smacking,
My YouTube channel gaining backing
While I eat Tide Pods galore.
My mouth – it foams with Clean Breeze
And a few civilian casualties.

The tags may say “Danger!” “Warning!”
But industry tools are boring.
As a big attention whore
I munch and crunch on banned fare,
On poison beautiful, I’m well aware.

The Chel Owens A Mused Poetry contest (get it? A Mused, amused? Lol) has just now started up – and you can bet your bottom dollar I’m in it to win it! 😉 This week the theme was warning labels, and I went with the most necessary warning label of all: that added to Tide Pods after the Tide Pod Challenge.

When to Cry Over Spilt Milk

Beep.  Boop.

“This is Niunai. Come in, Naicha.”

“Naicha here.  Have you made the drop point?”

“10-4.  Drop point reached.  Identifying information within sight.”

“You have permission to engage.”

“Scanning now.”  Beep.  Boop.  Bzzzzzt.  “My… my god, Naicha!  This poor sot is flat broke.”


“Yes!  Their water is about to be cut off.  Electricity too.  Bank accounts are empty, they’re only getting denials for jobs or entry to school.  There’s nothing for us to steal here.”

“But we spent so much money on these milk carton drones!”

“I told you we should have done a fancy wine drone instead.”

“No.  They’d seen right through to us.”  Le sigh.  “What were we thinking…  identity theft through milk cartons in China… do the Chinese even like milk?  I don’t know.  Self destruct the drone and pack it in.”




This was for my first venture into the FFfAW Challenges. This was challenge 185, and the picture was provided by Yinglan.  I don’t know quite enough Chinese to be able to read the stuff on the letter, and I don’t know why “Glutinous Rice” is on there at all.  There’s also something about advertising, but I couldn’t determine everything.  So I made it up. 🙂

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this tale!