January News

Hello everyone! I hope it’s been a great month for y’all – it’s been a doozy for me, and I’ve got some exciting things to tell y’all today.

Real Life – Job? Maybe?

I recently had an interview at a company I’d be interested in joining. I think it went well, but I’m of course not aware of the other candidates (if any). Good thoughts only! Hoping to pay off my house (or at least be able to pay the mortgage without eating into the emergency funds) quickly and get FILTHY RIIIIIICH*

Squidward Life Goals

Add immortality serum and a Bugatti Veyron and we’re all set.

*maybe not filthy, but definitely sustainable and far better off than I’ve ever been throughout my entire life.

Short Story Accepted Into an Anthology!

I’m very excited to announce that my short story, “Miss Mae’s Prayers”, was accepted into Dark DivinationsThe anthology is a selection of stories about ominous omens, about frightening visions, and gloomy fortunes. All the stories are set in the Victorian era.


Look at that cover. That alone is getting me excited about this book, and I’m pretty much looking forward to getting a copy (though perhaps this is part of my excitement over my first real fiction publication).

Mine is super Southern Gothic, and I’m quite proud of it. More about the anthology will be coming, for those interested!

Also, while I’ve not had a job, I’ve done some short story writing with the goal of publishing. That along with my pretty intensive read-to-catch-up schedule has kept me busy. I’m not sure why I’ve dropped off in terms of blogging/blog reading, but I think it’s possibly just burnout. So forgive me if I’ve been terrible.

A Promise Fulfilled

So, back in May last year I wrote this stupid tweet:

And I then promised someone that I’d carry through with that threat.

So, there will be a Gender Reveal party because my submission to Dark Divinations included such a biography that used my correct pronouns.

I chose not to use “they” because I believe it wouldn’t have been appropriate; I do have a pronoun, a pronoun that I have been excellent at not using. Non-binary people have claimed “they” as a pronoun, and I suppose it inappropriate to hijack that just to carry on an experiment that has perhaps carried on too long.

Unless it comes up as a conversation piece, I also usually let you make whatever decisions you may, and I try to play devil’s advocate whenever someone makes a guess. As a result, some of you will be wrong, and some of you will be right. Honestly, I’m quite interested to know your opinions. Chat about it in the comments – perhaps you’ll see someone else has a better argument!

So, one week after Dark Divinations debuts (June-ish, I think?), I will reveal more about myself. If you want to know for certain a little early, you’ll have to purchase a copy of the anthology! More details will follow in the coming weeks/months!



group of people in a meeting

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

“What’s this two year gap in your resume?” The hiring manager pointed to circled dates on the paper.  “What did you do there?”

Joaquin clenched his fist.  “There’s a Finnish word – sisu.  It means to keep trudging through multiple adversities.”  He tapped the circled words on the resume.  “That’s why I’m here.  I want this job because I can overcome my past.”

The manager scowled.  “So you were traveling?  To Finland?”

“No, I…”  He coughed.  “I was in prison.”

“For what?”

“Drug charges,” he squeaked.

She handed Joaquin his resume.  “Thank you, but we won’t be needing your services.”


This week’s Carrot Ranch prompt, sisu, was uniquely difficult.  In fact, I took way longer to get together a response than I normally would.

Either way, the idea of constant, grinding attempts to get back up after repeated adversity resonates very strongly with what I think a writer goes through.  After my first submission and rejection from a journal, I’m realizing how hard it is to crack through that layer of rejection.  How much worse, I then wondered, must it be for someone who can’t get a job?  Someone who has such a black spot on their record as prison?

Hence the story.