Rainbow Cat and Cheeser the Mouse

Cheeser the Mouse followed his nose. He peeked around a tree.

A cat’s claws tapped on a pot filled with cheddar. “Hello there, little mouse.” His voice cooed, attractive. “Come, ingratiate me. Do a dance and call me Rainbow. Perhaps I’ll give you this cheese.”

The smell of the cheddar was irresistible for a field mouse. Cheeser stepped out and danced a jig. “Is that good enough, Rainbow?”

Rainbow, while sitting on the pot of cheese, snatched up Cheeser and ate him. “Good show indeed, Cheeser – and at the other end of this Rainbow, you’ll get your cheddar gold.”

This was written with inspiration from the Carrot Ranch prompt “In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a cat named Rainbow on an outdoor adventure.” I also wrote, a while back, another story about a different Cheeser the Mouse and a cat named Chaircat Mao. The combination of ideas brought me to write this little ditty.

Photo by Katarzyna Modrzejewska on Pexels.com

Chaircat Mao and Cheeser the Mouse

adorable animal bed bedroom

“Chaircat Mao,” asked Cheeser the mouse, “Why don’t you ever chase me?”

Chaircat Mao rolled his rotund body over and readjusted his luxurious gray coat.  “Well, have you ever chased me?”

“No, Chaircat Mao!  That would be silly!”

Chaircat Mao closed his eyes as if the question were answered.

Distraught, Cheeser scurried onto Mao’s flesh.  Without response, she balanced down to his nose and pulled on his whiskers.  “It’s not right, Chaircat Mao!  God made cats to chase mice!”

“Don’t be silly.  God made cats to be worshipped.  Now stop disturbing my nap.”  So, at last, Chaircat Mao slept.


This week’s Carrot Ranch prompt was about a mouse – which thrilled me.  I have several stories about mice, and they’re one of my favorite animals to write about.  If you’re mildly interested, they’re Elephant and The Lord of AllThe Beggar’s Coins, and To Stop and Smell the Flowers.

In this flash, I wrote about a Tom and Jerry-esque pair, except Chaircat Mao and Cheeser don’t MAKE ME LIVID.