Peepfrog Season – #Haiga #Haiku

201904 haiga

Warmth stirs the spring air
Cattails pierce the water’s skin
Frogs thaw and chatter


This was written both for NaPoWriMo and Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday #130!  What a beautiful spring we’re having – the peep frogs are alive and happy, and I love that looming hint of summer.  

I drew the picture myself, which is why it’s kinda weird.  I like traditional looking haiga, so I thought I’d try making something look like a Hiroshige wood-block print. Materials were ink and GIMP.  

National Poem Writing Month

All month, I’ve been watching the people I follow write FANTASTIC poetry.  I didn’t realize it was NaPoWriMo until far too late, and even then I’m not enough of a poetry person to believe I could actually write 30 poems in a month.  Perhaps next year I’ll give an attempt to write 5 (an honorable goal for one such as me)!

For now, I wanted to share with anyone interested some of the poems I saw this month and enjoyed reading.

Days of a Dreamer – Natalya Edwards

Though I commented on the poem she published after this one, which was also very good, I read this and nearly cried.  I’m a sucker for ballads and story-poems, and this one drew me in to the character’s plight.  Though the word choices were simple, Edwards used them so evocatively.  Without a doubt, this was my favorite poem of the month, and probably the entire reason I started this article.  (I was right that following her blog was going to pay off with getting to read cool stuff!)

Future Paths – By Sarah

A short poem, I was impressed by the way such short lines could draw my attention.  I’ve read several of her haikus and other poems, and they make me smile – but this one kept me interested, and I came back to it a few times.

Numerical Crime – Dread Poets Sobriety

I started following this dude when I read a few of his other poems, but I went back and read this one and thought, “This was his best this month.”  As a scientist, perhaps my vision is clouded by my love of numbers, but I like to think I chose this poem for its rhythm.  It felt singsong, almost like a rap, and I liked the inversion of the usual English word order.

Give these people a look!  If you like poetry, maybe you can be a better judge than me!