Q1 2022 Life Update

Honestly y’all, I couldn’t suck more at these. I promised in January that I would do them more, and here I am: still nothing this year. Granted, my computer broke on February 9th and (thanks to how terrible warranty service is) just got fixed yesterday. Still, not a good enough excuse, really.

So much has happened, and yet here I am wondering, “What should/can/will I tell the internet world?”

I’m not good about describing trips to Costco or even vacations in Atlanta. I’m not allowed to tell you about the challenges and successes of making drugs in order to maintain confidentiality of clients/patients/etc. I feel like I can’t tell you about family drama because it’s just garbage nonsense and wouldn’t help anyone to gossip over.

I’m just going to tell you about my poor dog.

Poor Baby Hector

Like I said up above, we went to Atlanta for four days. My husband was going for a work trip, and I was going as part of my soon-to-evaporate-into-ether PTO that I ended up mostly using for work and dealing with the aforementioned family drama. Hector, the little pupper-duck, went to daycare and boarding. He’d successfully been there several times before, and he only hated the other dogs a lot.

The view outside my hotel window. There were other, bigger buildings farther away, but you can’t see through the fog in the photos.

This time though, there was a new challenge. The limit for the little dog section of boarding is 30 pounds, and even a giant Pomeranian (10 pounds) can’t handle a 30 pound poodle puppy that REALLY WANTS TO PLAY NOW. Hector got rolled, very hard, by this poodle puppy. He then begged to go back into his cage, and the keepers let him back in. They fed and watered him, but he wouldn’t come back out. They didn’t know, and probably couldn’t know since they don’t know him well, that he was injured.

In fact, the husband and I didn’t really figure it out when we picked him up. He was acting weird, and we knew he’d been weird since the poodle incident because we’d been watching the webcam, but he wasn’t acting hurt. He was acting sad, sick, and tired.

A couple days later, however, Hector flipped out at a neighborhood dog trespassing on his lawn, and that was the straw that literally broke him. The injury that had occurred at daycare finally kicked into overdrive, and we figured out what was wrong: he’d hurt his back. It’d happened before, and we should have realized this had been the issue over the webcam, but we didn’t. I also don’t blame daycare: they were very forthcoming, but no one understood what had happened.

Poor baby went to the hospital, and they put him on hard drugs for pain and ordered crate rest and more pain meds for when he got home. Does he not look like a sad, sick doggo hiding in the shoe cabinet?

So we crate rested him for three weeks, gave him his medicine, ordered him some dog ramps (still not here because I WILL HAVE WALNUT DOG RAMPS, NOT OAK, THANK YOU VERY MUCH), and took him to the vet. At the end of week three, the vet said he was good to let out for some small exercise and freedom. Day 1 we did two hours of freedom, and it was ok. Day 2 we were going to do four hours of freedom, but he injured himself by trying to jump on the couch even though he wasn’t supposed to.

I felt horrible for not being there to stop him from doing that, but poor baby went back into crate rest, medicine, and vet visits. He will not get out before his ramps arrive, I can assure you all of that, and he will not be free until he shows he can make good choices and use the ramps.

Even so, he is doing better, and I think we can get him back to health. His back will always be fragile, hence why he can’t return to doggy daycare, but we’ll try to give him the best possible care. As my mom said, getting Hector to be friendlier with other dogs was never Hector’s goal, but mine, so he’ll be fine with not going back to daycare.

Here’s to getting well, puppy!