Sweet sugar of lead
Stain my face alabaster
Strike fear in their hearts


This was written for the Ronovan Writes #254 challenge: heart and sweet (bolded).  The other inspiration for this was Elizabeth I, famous for being respected abroad during her relatively peaceful reign.

Also inspirational is one of my (weirdly?) favorite YouTube channels – English Heritage.  They put out a video of Elizabeth I’s makeup that, for some reason, I watched.  HER MAKEUP WAS MADE OF LEAD WTF.  And so, with lead sugar being a thing, I wrote this haiku.

Lady’s Slipper Orchid – #Haiku


Tiny pixie fits
Orchid slippers on her feet
Fly o’er mountain’s tip


I thought I’d try my hand at the Ronovan Writes prompt #253, slip and tip (words are bolded), for a change up this week! Use two prompt words within a haiku (or tanka or whatever) and describe away! I used slippers for mine, and I hope that’s acceptable.

This week’s haiku (is it a haiku?) is about lady’s slipper orchids. These used to grow on the mountain where I grew up, and we’d dig them up before my dad logged a hillside and transplant them to a hollar up above our house. Mom did this because the flowers were supposed to be valuable to sell as medicine to weirdos, but we never took them for sale. I’m not even sure the flowers still live there or if the people my dad sold the land to have killed them off.

I had a hard time finding a picture of this flower. This picture is from the USDA forest service, cited to Thomas G. Barnes. You can find out more about lady’s slippers and other plants at their website. I accessed their site on 5/13/19.