September Roundup

I like to do monthly round-ups where I pick some of my favorite posts from around WordPress for the past month.  It doesn’t say anything about style, content, or really anything – just that I liked some of these posts and would love to share them with you.

This month, there was a TON of excellent stuff.  It was hard to even narrow it down this much, and you’ll see there’s quite a few articles and stories to choose from!

6 Reasons You Should Love Your First Draft

pen writing gold ink

This was one of the first posts K.M. Allan put up after I started following her.  If you have a book you’ve recently finished and are starting to question the value of, give this post a read – it’ll help you put your book’s quality into perspective.

Tips for Choosing Character Names

I admit – I’m a bit of a nerd-o linguist, and I love coming up with character names.  I thought Diane Tibert’s suggestions, especially the one to keep it simple, is an excellent tip that weirdos like me need to keep in mind.

But oh, isn’t it so refreshing and fun to invent garbage names?  Isn’t it great that you can create a first draft with the name you want then use ctrl-f or ctrl-r to easily replace a garbage name with something pronounceable?

10 Ways to Know if Your Poem is Ready

I am trying to get better at poetry.  I’ve only really written prose since I’ve begun, and I am even pretty inexperienced at appreciating poetry.  Marnie Heenan writes a lot of poetry, and she’s started putting out published work, so I really enjoyed seeing some advice from her on some poetry tips.

What I’ve Learned from my First Hurricane

FlorenceKris Lynn apparently is a fellow Carolinian and went through Florence!  I was kind of excited to see that I had a partner in crime (though I didn’t get to loot nearly as much as planned…).  I’m glad they’re ok, and I’m glad I’m ok!  Whew, close call there.

Also, looting is bad.  Let’s get it straight that I was being sarcastic above.  You can laugh without going to hell now.

Quien es? An Alternate History

Tom Darby produces a lot of fun stuff, but I have to say this post was the one that got me this month (mostly because I think ‘The Fourth Woman’ was done last month).  I also like how his regional history feels so distinctly western, so incredibly arid and yet beautiful.  He produces an incredible slice of Americana in this piece.

Not to Everyone’s Taste

I just thought this one was funny.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve recently joined the homeowners of the world and can appreciate how terrible a horrifying color palette can be when looking at a house.  It makes you wonder ‘whyyyy?’

The Sky-Pirates of Durn – Part 18

2095So, here’s a pro tip: start reading this at part 1.

If you don’t, I’ll warn you that Part 18 had a beautiful twist that I didn’t see coming and that I 100% approve of.  I always love installments in this series, and I want to encourage you to check it out if you have the time to catch up.  It’s really a fun read, especially for free and in your WP reader.

The September Free Writes on the Carrot Ranch

The Carrot Ranch is hosting the Flash Fiction Rodeo next month, and they’ve been posting qualifying contests all month.  TOMORROW IS THE LAST ONE!  I think the Carrot Ranch is one of the most vibrant, interactive prompt-based writing communities, and participating in the rodeo would be an incredible way to start.  If you plan on entering, do it!  If you hadn’t, I’d encourage you to try tomorrow anyway!  Everyone gets only 24 hours to write their hearts out, so you have nothing to lose.

Thanks for checking out this month’s roundup, and I hope you enjoy some of the things I’ve picked!

Roundup of Animals


Animal Month is coming to a close on Let Me Tell You The Story Of, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the array of animal stories, articles, reviews, and more.  Before we close out this month, though, I wanted to point out some of the best animal stories I’ve seen on other blogs this month.  There were a few more I read that almost got mentioned here, but these are some of my favorites.

Dogs and Cats

This month, I noticed several posts about dogs.  I’m a dog person myself, especially the 20180505_185319floofers, and I think I can understand the deep emotional connection other writers feel to their dog.  Dibenami got a new dog this month, and I hope he loves her to the end like Robert Okaji with Jackboy.  I’m also unsure if Sarah from BySarahWhiley recently lost a pet, but her haunting tale about a Guard Dog really stirred my heartstrings.

Cats are all the rage on the interwebs, and I expected more cats to pop up this month.  The one I remembered best was Impatience! by M. Raynes.  I liked it because it had a feeling reminiscent of Mara from The Wildings.

I mentioned Ellie Scott in an earlier post, but I think she must just have a lot of inspiration from animals!  She wrote a short story about both dogs and cats, and I liked it because of the comraderie between the animals.  Check it out.


One Hundred Famous Views of Edo 1857 Hiroshige

Sometimes, Soap Opera Fanfics n More has a real winner.  I thought the poem Me&You was really cute, and I liked what I interpreted as a poem about colorblindness.  I’m unfamiliar with bird vision or if they experience either blue-yellow or red-green (red-green is the one found in humans), but I still think it makes this piece interesting.

I’ve always loved crows, and I’m not sure why.  Recent research has shown the astounding intelligence of crows, and I find it so very cool.  Aak Fictionspawn must have also found crows cool, because Gathering of the Crows looked through the lens of an eventual crow uprising.

I also participated in the Carrot Ranch prompts this month.  I really liked the Charisma of Cranes prompt, and I encourage you to check out this trove of 99-word flash fictions!

Other Animals

winter squirrelAfter I looked back over the month, I was surprised to find there weren’t many other animals on my radar!  One of the few people brave and creative enough to venture into a wilder set of creatures was Tom Darby, whose works I really enjoy reading.  His After the Cow Jumped Over the Moon made me laugh, and I read it aloud to the spouse, who also gave a chuckle.  Though you may not like the moral, Animal Lover – about lions and their interactions with a woman named Lydia – also made me snicker.

Robert Okaji also had one about deer, but it must have been titled something odd and I can’t find it anymore.  😦


Thanks for taking this safari through the animal world with me!  I’ll have a fresh, new theme for June, and I hope to see you there!