Salvation – #Shadorma #Tanka Tuesday


From infernos and
Self for love, commutation
Of darling’s penance.


This was written for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday #158, a photoprompt based on the given image. If I’m remembering correctly from my knowledge of the scientific world, the image is supposed to be an aerogel (a very light gel material with aqueous material inside the crosslinks) that is lifted by the hot air blowing beneath it. The flower is protected by the water in the gel, which is where I came up with the salvation theme of my shadorma.

Letters to Esperanza – #Shadorma


Waves conspire
To bring me your words,
But I can’t
Hear your voice.
I dream of your foreign lands,
Crave your paradise.


This was written for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday #141, a picture prompt! I chose to do a Shadorma poem because I imagined the speaker as a Spanish woman during the age of exploration who finds bottles from a sailor far away. Esperanza is a Spanish name meaning “hope.”

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Spirit Lingering – #Shadorma


Down she treads
In ivory chemise,
Steps muted.
The spirit puts
Her pale lips
To the sleeping babe’s forehead,
Wishes gentle sleep.


This was written for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday #137Kind and Shift (synonyms are in bold). I took what I believe may be a weird route for shift: in the 1800’s, a shift was a sort of petticoat. So I made the petticoat/shift/chemise the star of this shadorma, the wearer of said article a kind spirit that wishes well those that live in her home.

Or does she?

The picture, as far as I can tell, is in the public domain because of its age.

Serenade to the Kiwi – #Shadorma


Day breaks bright

While they serenade

Foreign god.

Do you fear

Foreign gods more than your own?

Can thoughts and prayers save?


A cruel

Man with gun and hate

Denied them

Mortal coil

Because their songs upset him.

Does your god not care?


What cruel

Deity now smiles

At this shame?

So I cry

Out thoughts and prayers to save me

From man’s cruelty.


This was written for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday #128, Sing and Spring.  My synonyms are bolded.

I have been wanting to respond to the cruelty and racism in the New Zealand shootings, but so far I’ve lived vicariously through Joanne the Geek’s post and some NPR.  As a Christian American, I feel that my opinion should be expressed – to help with my grief for fellow people – but not sought in this matter.

One thing I couldn’t fit in my poem was the fact that the Christian God, who happens to be my God, is still a ‘foreign god’ to most believers.  Unless a Christian is a descendant of Jewish people, they are believing a foreign god. The fear of foreignness itself seems ironic to me, but perhaps I’m not looking at this in the way a white supremacist shithead would.

So have as good a day as possible.


P.S. Computer issues may slow my ability to read or respond to stuff today.  I’m not ignoring you on purpose!

Let Me Be Like Grass – #Shadorma

woman in white sleeveless mini dress standing between grass field

From a seed,
Mere, tiny kernel,
Comes grass, fields.
Freshly mown,
The fields grow lush, beautiful,
Free from old habits.

A winter
Of creative thoughts
Seems daunting.
Keeps haunting.
How can I compose again,
Burdened with pain?

Mow my mind –
Let me be like grass!
Grow anew,
Escape old,
Bring simple delights to all
Who seek the cut field.


This was written for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday #125, Origin and Write.  The synonyms I used are in bold.

This morning at work, the grounds crew had mown the grass to start the spring off right.  This triple shadorma is in thanks and preparation for the coming season.

Also hope that I don’t accidentally ban comments this week!  Sorry for anyone who was disappointed last week… 😦

Photo by Alex Fu on