The Alleyway

motorcycle in the middle of street

The alleyway smells of mold and faintly of urine.  A brick wall separates me from the other half of the alley, so I wipe off some of the dirt and put my ear up to it.

“That jewelry store never knew what hit ‘em,” a gruff villain brags.

Now I know I’m on the right track, I super-jump over the wall and accost the fiends.  Pow!  Wham!  The bad guys are taken down without any resistance.

My workplace may be filled with pain and grime, but that’s all so I can make sure your workplace is enjoyable and safe.


This was written for the weekly Carrot Ranch prompt.  The prompt this week was “awesome work places,” and I thought about how that is so subjective.  One person’s awesome work place is a crapshow for another.  The superhero idea then came to life, and that’s how you got what you see above.