Shovel – #Cinquain, #GarlandCinquain, #TankaTuesday

close up environment flora ground

Burdensome soil
Outta Almighty’s Earth.
Hopin’ God forgivin’ sinners

Secrets away –
Your misbegotten corpse
Ain’t welcome Earthside anymore,

All disappear
Using death’s hideaway.
I simply advocated you

Remains below.
Villains turned corpses
Ain’t sabotaged anyone yet,

Coming even
Ain’t gonna awaken
Boogeymen entombed far below,

Secrets away –
Using death’s hideaway
Ain’t sabotaged anyone yet,


I’m baaaaack and responding to prompts! Hope you like this first bad boy fresh out of the oven and written for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday #151, Dig and Grave. Synonyms are in bold.

Now, before you think I cheated too much with renaming the first word, “Shovel” is a tool while a “sucker” is also a tool. Get it? Anyway, all the renaming at the last line is very slanted, possibly too far twisted, but I found the choices clever enough within my own head.

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Earthsong – #Haiku

green rice field

Earthsong: cricket’s croon,
Owl’s hoot, Peep frog’s serenade.
Pure summer rapture.


This was written for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday #138Nature and Clear (synonyms in bold). This haiku was inspired by a summer night, standing near the pond.


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Spirit Lingering – #Shadorma


Down she treads
In ivory chemise,
Steps muted.
The spirit puts
Her pale lips
To the sleeping babe’s forehead,
Wishes gentle sleep.


This was written for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday #137Kind and Shift (synonyms are in bold). I took what I believe may be a weird route for shift: in the 1800’s, a shift was a sort of petticoat. So I made the petticoat/shift/chemise the star of this shadorma, the wearer of said article a kind spirit that wishes well those that live in her home.

Or does she?

The picture, as far as I can tell, is in the public domain because of its age.

Peepfrog Season – #Haiga #Haiku

201904 haiga

Warmth stirs the spring air
Cattails pierce the water’s skin
Frogs thaw and chatter


This was written both for NaPoWriMo and Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday #130!  What a beautiful spring we’re having – the peep frogs are alive and happy, and I love that looming hint of summer.  

I drew the picture myself, which is why it’s kinda weird.  I like traditional looking haiga, so I thought I’d try making something look like a Hiroshige wood-block print. Materials were ink and GIMP.  

Rains of March – #Etheree

close up environment flora ground

Drip down
Paths routed
With the first rain.
Pitter-patter sounds
Knock on leaf-littered ground
Waking seeds from earth-tucked sleep.
Sprouts pop out and reach for the sun,
From instinct observing nature’s wish
To praise the sky for bringing heaven’s gift. 


This was written for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday #127, follow and lead.  The synonyms I used are in bold.  

For this one, I must admit that I chose to think of the ‘ed’ on a lot of past tense verbs as not a syllable (‘tucked’ is, I believe, pronounced like ‘tukt’).  So I might be off in your count, but I’m still fine with the way I counted it.  Thought I’d explain.  🙂

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Let Me Be Like Grass – #Shadorma

woman in white sleeveless mini dress standing between grass field

From a seed,
Mere, tiny kernel,
Comes grass, fields.
Freshly mown,
The fields grow lush, beautiful,
Free from old habits.

A winter
Of creative thoughts
Seems daunting.
Keeps haunting.
How can I compose again,
Burdened with pain?

Mow my mind –
Let me be like grass!
Grow anew,
Escape old,
Bring simple delights to all
Who seek the cut field.


This was written for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday #125, Origin and Write.  The synonyms I used are in bold.

This morning at work, the grounds crew had mown the grass to start the spring off right.  This triple shadorma is in thanks and preparation for the coming season.

Also hope that I don’t accidentally ban comments this week!  Sorry for anyone who was disappointed last week… 😦

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Secrets – #Senryu

heart shaped red neon signage

My heart beats so fast
What ignites this keen craving?
Your hidden secrets?

Let me uncover
The essence of your power
And relish in it.

By gaining your trust,
I become vulnerable,
Naked, and open.

My heart beats so fast.
What ignites this keen craving?
My spilled secrets?


I wrote this scandalous thing for the Valentine’s-Day ready Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday #123. The synonym words are in bold.  This is four senryu, and I’m not sure the repetition at the end is really allowed, but I thought it gave exactly the feeling I wanted it to. 

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