Let Me Be Like Grass – #Shadorma

woman in white sleeveless mini dress standing between grass field

From a seed,
Mere, tiny kernel,
Comes grass, fields.
Freshly mown,
The fields grow lush, beautiful,
Free from old habits.

A winter
Of creative thoughts
Seems daunting.
Keeps haunting.
How can I compose again,
Burdened with pain?

Mow my mind –
Let me be like grass!
Grow anew,
Escape old,
Bring simple delights to all
Who seek the cut field.


This was written for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday #125, Origin and Write.  The synonyms I used are in bold.

This morning at work, the grounds crew had mown the grass to start the spring off right.  This triple shadorma is in thanks and preparation for the coming season.

Also hope that I don’t accidentally ban comments this week!  Sorry for anyone who was disappointed last week… 😦

Photo by Alex Fu on Pexels.com