A High Price


“I’ll give you power,” the devil crooned, “For bartering your soul.”


This was written for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #124barter. With only 11 required words, I had to do it.

Hello, everyone – as any regulars may be able to tell, I’ve slowed down a LOT on the blog recently. I’m in the home stretch on my dissertation, though, with only about a month and some change to go! Hopefully after that I can get back on the bandwagon.

Until then, I’ve got all my book review posts planned through to the new year, and those should be reliable.

I got the picture off a royalty-free image site a couple years ago and don’t remember which one.

Cure What Ails You


Trex on a Bike.jpg

I bought a wee dram of tonic
From the charlatan down the street,
Then gave it to my poor old ma
Who popped the top and drank it neat.
For the next two or three hours she’ll
Be glad to dance and play and sing,
But wait just through the night and she’ll
Box your ears ’til you can’t even think.


Wow – trying to do a rhythmic poem in 61 words, no more or less, was harder than expected!  This was written for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #101, Charlatan.  I chose the picture because I tried to have a Victorian feeling to it, and that’s just one of my favorite Victorian looking things.

A Mean Girl

attractive beautiful beautiful girl beauty

I’m a diamond –
See my perfect shine!
I’m prettier than you,
No need to whine.

So get in line
I ain’t got the time!
You don’t want a dollar
Waitin’ on a dime!

Your face is a crime,
So listen to me.
Tan that white skin,
Get some vitamin D.

Fat like your mommy,
You can’t wear that top.
Ain’t gettin’ no boyfriend
When you look like slop.

C’mon girl, chop-chop!
Your pits smell like waste!
And you gotta lose inches
Off that extra-large waist!

No wonder you’re chaste.
That hair’s a nightmare
With all that va-voom!
It’s like you don’t even care.

What’s that you declare?
You say I’m bad stuff?
Not even a diamond
In form most rough?

Shut up you’re stupid.
Your mom’s stupid.
Go home, idiot,
I hate you.


This was written for the Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest by Chelsea Owens!  With the recent shut-down of FFfAW, I needed to find a new prompt – and this one looks super, super fun.  We’ll see if I keep going!

This poem was also inspired by the Lindsay Lohan classic, Mean Girls, which my beloved recently made me watch for the first time.  I was surprised and impressed by this movie.