The Mercury Dimension

The Mercury DimensionThe Sovereigns of Tsanur, a wealthy race of tree-like people, want their colony at Beta Seven Sarix destroyed and its memory erased.  In return for conducting the genocide, the Sovereigns promise the humans what they want the most: revenge against the Shadows, the race that long ago attempted to poison humanity in its interstellar cradle.

In answer to the Sovereigns’ call, the Admiralty sends the warship Victurus along with its shapeshifting Commander, the verminous alien Russus.  Upon her arrival at the planet, Commander Russus finds no reason to exterminate the Sarixians, and she questions the intent and value of the Sovereigns’ deal.  With no authorization to participate in diplomacy and the offer of the Shadows dangling in front of her, she has an uphill battle if she wants to convince the Admirals and the governments of Earth to refuse the Sovereigns’ deal.


Beta reading for The Mercury Dimension is currently closed.  If you are an editor, feel free to give me an ad in the comments below – I’ll be in the market soon, when my beta readers are finished and my edits are done.  You can also keep up with me and some of my story updates on Twitter!

If you want to read the first scene, you can find that sample here.

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