Welcome to Let Me Tell You the Story Of, home to short stories and novels of various genres. Full stories are available for your enjoyment.


Chapters of the Novella are currently being released weekly from January 6th, 2018 to April 14th, 2018. On April 21st, 2018, a .pdf download will be made available.

If I Only Had No Heart (2016)

Spirit, android acolyte of the machine goddess, performs her duties well and still yet absorbs much torment from her superiors. Thought to be a viral creation, the android is banned from speaking with the goddess until, one day, her friend Klavdiya hands her a prayer card. Spirit hopes that the prayer card will bring her peace, but the goddess has other ideas…


The Evolution of the Predator

The Evolution of the Predator (2014, Complete)

Antoinette crash lands on the planet Osmina, home to a xenophobic species still in an early, tribal phase of development. In order to uphold Earth’s directive to remain as uninvolved as possible with alien life, she tries to remain hidden and survive for the two years before a rescue party will arrive. A curious elder cast out of its nomadic tribe throws a wrench in her plans and efforts, pitting Antoinette’s conscience against her duty.

The novel is complete and the entirety is available for free online.

Short Stories

Story Title


Designing Assassins Genomes contain our strengths, but also our uniqueness – a trait that could also be our downfall. Cal and Herb navigate a world in which molecular assassins target and kill people with specific genome sequences. A mere pinprick or loose hair can mean a genome, and thus a life, put on the market.
Exterminators Sherill is a new employee for Earl’s Excellent Extermination. When her first day on the job doesn’t go as expected, Sherill finds out how far she’ll go to keep her job – and satisfy her curiosity.
Luck of the Draw Haanfulk, a captain of a starship, laments the day that aliens ever discovered their pieces of luck. Ever since then, daring, intelligence, and even effort have meant nothing. Now, Haanfulk seeks to prove everyone wrong, no matter the risk.
On Greed Alone A dragon protects its horde from all sorts of invaders, guarding each coin with selfish desire. A single request from an unexpected place causes the dragon to think uncharacteristically in this flash-fiction.
Shave and a Haircut – Two Bytes A silent and mysterious customer shows up at a barber shop. The alluring figure leads the barber to a dungeon filled with dark secrets.
Take a Deep Breath A young creature named Tikpab leaves on a spirit quest.
The Chivaree A man takes his honeymoon near his wife’s hometown and, when he doesn’t listen to her, finds out the hard way about the mountain custom of chivarees.
The Dragon Egg Everyone wants a pet dragon – including Jenny and Steve, a well intentioned couple who run into an egg of their own. The only problem is that Steve and Jenny, poor Southerners, might not be the best candidates to hatch it.
The Guide A man purchases some gas at a backwoods station. He picks up a strange passenger and listens to her requests – despite warnings otherwise.
The Ultimate Gate One day, the robots became sentient and joined against the humans. This is what happened when they succeeded.
To Stop and Smell the Flowers Flash fiction tale about a mouse on his way home.
Waiting for Company A young man from Florida wakes to find that his car is stuck in a ditch. When forced to get help from the locals, he finds out the cost of speaking ill of those willing to help him.
Worth the Wait A snail and a grasshopper vie for the same treat – who will get to taste it first in this animal fable?

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