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Did you know you can follow me on Twitter?  I’m there, and I definitely try, but I’d love to figure out more from the Twitterscape if you’d like to join me.

For now, let’s get on to the ‘about me’ part of this page.

My Superpowers

I have several superpowers and the promise to gain several more.   Why settle for a single power?  Superman doesn’t, so neither will I.

  • Chemical engineer by day
  • Big Pharma will eventually grant me Sith Lightning
  • Filled with redneck ingenuity
  • A few redundant organs*
  • Not currently diseased

*Not all are still in me


I was born and raised in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, walking distance from the Tennessee border.  I hunted, fished, and tended the garden to help my parents provide for our family, but I loved every subject in school.  I knew my way out of my small community was through academics.

I then went off to college, became a chemical engineer, and married a nuclear engineer.  I lived near San Francisco for 4 years, and I hated every moment until I gave up and moved back to North Carolina.  I follow a pescatarian diet for environmental reasons but don’t enforce it on my dog, Hector.


Vicious apex predator who FINALLY got over his parasites.

About The Mercury Dimension, an Adult Science Fiction Tale

This was the cover image I used to advertise my need for beta readers. Gotta love NASA’s Carina Nebula image as the background.

The working title for this book was “Space Vermin.”  I had invented the main character’s species – called ‘vermin’ – long before I came up with the plot of the story.  At some point, I began to ask myself what kind of psychology a shapeshifting alien would have, and Commander Russus came to life.  A plot soon followed, and The Mercury Dimension unfolded.

Things you’ll LOVE about The Mercury Dimension

  • High-concept science fiction
  • Diverse cast of human characters
    • Gender
    • Race
    • Age
  • Non-humanoid aliens
  • Non-neurotypical aliens
  • Well formulated future tech and science concepts
    • Lots of cool chemicals
    • Interesting biology
    • Plot integral principles
    • Non-scientists can easily grasp the concepts too
  • Superiors that aren’t always straight-up awful
    • I can rant about this peeve of mine
    • Watched enough Star Trek by now that I expect admirals to be incompetent at best, traitors at worst
  • Mysteries a reader can solve at the same time as the characters
  • Characters you’ll love and characters you’ll hate

If you’d like to see a sample, here’s a sneak peak of the first scene.

Some of my Favorite Things

  • AUTHORS: Isaac Asimov, Robert V. Remini, Ann Leckie, Arthur C. Clarke, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
  • BOOKS: The Foundation Series, Ancillary Justice, Fire Sea, All Systems Red, the Andrew Jackson trilogy, and ALWAYS have to love Watership Down
  • MOVIES & TV: Puella Magi: Madoka Magica, Battlestar: Galactica, basically all Star Trek but especially Deep Space Nine and the last 4 seasons of Voyager, Man in the High Castle
  • VIDEO GAMES: Portal, Mass Effect, Fallout, Civilization V
  • MUSIC: Disco and Classic Rock; Rod Stewart is and will always be my favorite singer
  • HOBBIES: Dungeons and Dragons, video games, blogging
  • FOOD: Sushi (sake nigiri is my favorite of all), spinach in salads, zucchini, wagashi



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