Things I Read

Check out my book review posts here! I had pictures for all the reviewed books, but the page was getting unwieldy and didn’t load on poor connection – I’ve deleted the pictures for some of the older years.






I don’t have anything earlier than April because that’s when I decided to start doing any kind of book review on this site.

44 thoughts on “Things I Read

  1. A. Rinum says:

    Would be amazing if you could check out my sci-fi book ‘The City of Saints’.
    It’s about a dystopian future where cyborgs have taken over, and they are killing humans. The protagonist of my story is a ten-year-old girl, who is trapped in this war. She goes on a journey to find her father who had gone missing six months ago, but instead stumbles upon SAM- Specialized Assasin Military-bot who has to kill her but humanity gets the best of him.

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