Our Lizard Overlords: A Sonnet

artistic blossom bright clouds

Nary a day may pass that I don’t weep,
Considering your scaly hide beneath
Some guy’s soft flesh used as your body sheath.
So before I pray and lay down to sleep,
I consider how your anger must seeth
As foul human cattle turn Earth to heath.
I’ll turn off my computer with a beep
And stop spreading lies about your intent.
The lizard man in human flesh is kind,
A good reptilian father to his
Underling livestock filled with malcontent.
Accept your lot and I’m certain you’ll find
Falling in love with master is your fate.


This petrarchan love sonnet was written for the weekly Terrible Poetry Contest sponsored by the inimitable Chelsea Ann Owens.  This week, we were inspired to write a love sonnet.  I don’t believe in lizard overlords nor many conspiracies such as this, but I find them funny and suitably distasteful.  7-11 was a part time job.  

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