Rains of March – #Etheree

close up environment flora ground

Drip down
Paths routed
With the first rain.
Pitter-patter sounds
Knock on leaf-littered ground
Waking seeds from earth-tucked sleep.
Sprouts pop out and reach for the sun,
From instinct observing nature’s wish
To praise the sky for bringing heaven’s gift. 


This was written for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday #127, follow and lead.  The synonyms I used are in bold.  

For this one, I must admit that I chose to think of the ‘ed’ on a lot of past tense verbs as not a syllable (‘tucked’ is, I believe, pronounced like ‘tukt’).  So I might be off in your count, but I’m still fine with the way I counted it.  Thought I’d explain.  🙂

Photo by David Alberto Carmona Coto on Pexels.com

New Car – #Haiku

photography of gray sports car

Built of oil, steel, and exploits
Yet smells like success


I wrote this while sitting in the service center, getting the ‘free’ oil change on the car I got last July.  The first Tuesday of the month is poet’s choice of words at Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday, so I wanted to steep myself into an environment for a haiku.

Also, my photos at the shop were garbage, sooo…

Photo by Albin Berlin on Pexels.com



The messenger hopped into the trench just after a shell hit.  He face chittered, ghostly pale after the brush with death.

“How long until we get backup?” a grizzled twenty-one year old asked.

“It’s not coming,” the fresh young messenger said.  “The shelling’s too hard.  No one’s moving from the redoubts.”

The professional soldier rubbed his aching feet.  “I’m not sure we can hold them off this time.  We don’t have enough men in this line.”  Upon seeing the fear on the messenger’s face, he comforted.  “Don’t worry, mate.  I suppose they feed their prisoners!”

The young man gulped.


This was written for the Carrot Ranch February 28 prompt, Backup.  This is one of those rare times that I have nothing else to say about what I’ve written, so… woohoo!