“Their wards are powerful.”  The words slithered out of Salacus’s lips while he plucked at the shining ribbon of magic.  Power reverberated through to his fingers.

His boss, Maledicta, slapped the hand away from the ribbon.  “Then don’t touch it, you fool!  It only has power as long as we can’t get the truth to reveal itself.”  She pushed Salacus out of the way and scanned the dark void for a source of the illusion’s power.

“There!”  With straight, desperate finger, Salacus pointed to a cylindrical rod of gold at the end of the ribbons.  “It’s the power source.”

Maledicta chuckled.  “You’ve met your doom, Angelica! Veritas!”

The golden ribbons disappeared, showing instead a play room strewn with toilet paper.  Maledicta and Salacus crept over the paper to where Angelica’s children slept…

(132 words)


This was written for the FFfAW Challenge #201!  The picture was provided by – can it be!? – moi!

So allow me to regale you of the truth behind this photo, if you want it: aftermath of a party in a dorm.   I woke up and saw this on my way to the bathroom.  I went back to my room for my camera (’twas before camera phones) and snapped a picture.  It’s been long enough ago that the people under the tent probably wouldn’t care if they knew I had this, and maybe not even if I still remembered who it was sleeping there…

Yes, I am a millennial.

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