Lady’s Slipper Orchid – #Haiku


Tiny pixie fits
Orchid slippers on her feet
Fly o’er mountain’s tip


I thought I’d try my hand at the Ronovan Writes prompt #253, slip and tip (words are bolded), for a change up this week! Use two prompt words within a haiku (or tanka or whatever) and describe away! I used slippers for mine, and I hope that’s acceptable.

This week’s haiku (is it a haiku?) is about lady’s slipper orchids. These used to grow on the mountain where I grew up, and we’d dig them up before my dad logged a hillside and transplant them to a hollar up above our house. Mom did this because the flowers were supposed to be valuable to sell as medicine to weirdos, but we never took them for sale. I’m not even sure the flowers still live there or if the people my dad sold the land to have killed them off.

I had a hard time finding a picture of this flower. This picture is from the USDA forest service, cited to Thomas G. Barnes. You can find out more about lady’s slippers and other plants at their website. I accessed their site on 5/13/19.

14 thoughts on “Lady’s Slipper Orchid – #Haiku

  1. crimsonprose says:

    Orchids … or as my daughter calls them, awkwids. Always a delight to stumble upon, even when they’re the common ones. Last year’s walks walked me past many. And even a bee orchid (highlight of my year) but in such an awkward position I couldn’t get a good shot of it (without getting kicked by a horse.)
    Thanks for reminding me of that (exceedingly hot) day

  2. Jules says:

    I remember this flower in the country. We were told to leave it be. Any plant is valuable where it originally grows and is a weed where it does not.
    A nice memory – And the haiku is dreamy.

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      Thank you! These plants grew on a lot of rotten wood areas where I lived, and somehow we were pretty successful at getting them transplanted. It was an interesting adventure!

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