Sweet sugar of lead
Stain my face alabaster
Strike fear in their hearts


This was written for the Ronovan Writes #254 challenge: heart and sweet (bolded).  The other inspiration for this was Elizabeth I, famous for being respected abroad during her relatively peaceful reign.

Also inspirational is one of my (weirdly?) favorite YouTube channels – English Heritage.  They put out a video of Elizabeth I’s makeup that, for some reason, I watched.  HER MAKEUP WAS MADE OF LEAD WTF.  And so, with lead sugar being a thing, I wrote this haiku.

6 thoughts on “Elizabethan

  1. Jules says:

    I had the opportunity some time ago to watch the original Agatha Christie’s 1974 version of Murder on the Orient express. The ‘elderly Russian Princess Natalia Dragomiroff ‘ matron also I think wore that type of make up. And I’m not sure where, but I remember reading that the lead make up wasn’t always removed before a new layer was applied. So that a woman’s face looked very cakey, pale and rather sickly. I didn’t know about the sugar.
    More about Deadly Makeup

    Nice haiku!

      • Jules says:

        I’ve never been into fashion…well for myself. I see this one commercial that touts the real thing for less cost. Authenticated pieces of artistic cloths that, well I wouldn’t be caught sleeping in 😉

      • Jules says:

        I get my bluejeans from a second hand store. I don’t think I’ve spent more than $5 for a single pair hanging in my closet. Yet I know of a relative who doesn’t even bat an eye at spending over $100 for a single pair (or maybe per leg!)

        There’s another commercial that says you can use this app to sell your high end stuff. The sellers say they have gotten so much money back they can pay for family vacations or new cars… They must be the same folks who have a closet as big as my living room. How much did they have to spend to actually sell what they did to get the wad they claim they scored?

      • H.R.R. Gorman says:

        I bet there are a couple people who are knowlegeable and make money using those apps, but you’re probably right – most of them probably make as much money selling clothes as a college student makes selling their textbooks back to the store.

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